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Hungry Jack (NRG, 24/11/15)

My Halloween Deck has undergone some refinement. And here it is, in its latest greatest version. I won't claim it's a world-beater, but it is remarkably fun to play.

The basic principle of the deck is to plop down your punkins next to likely targets, then Paralyze as many of the enemy as possible, so you can Tonfa them with impunity. There are enough shields to protect your punkins if you have to attack an active enemy. Once the deck gets underway, I can steal several hundred G per trip around the board, and individual punkins have eaten over 1000G, which for a creature that only costs 40 has to be some kind of record.

The other half of the equation is to use your ill-gotten gains to power-up enchanted Revenants and Kashas, which become well-nigh indestructible.

At least that's how it's supposed to work. Things that can go wrong are: 1) Inability to get both a red and a green land early enough to use the punkins properly; 2) Enemies with lots of curses, invalidating the enchantments on your Kashas/Revenants; 3) Idol decks.

4 Trap Spider - lives on any land, plus Paralyzes bad guys.
2 Barbarian - Immediate, so you can instantly acquire a red land early on. Ultimately you'll want to replace him with a Hustled Kasha.
4 Kasha - a Hustled Kasha is an 80/90 red monster, immune to scrolls, dragons, and practically everything.
2 Herald Spirit - Immediate, to get yourself a green land at need.
4 Revenant - not only are they great land holders once enchanted with Greed or Hustle, but they Paralyze the bad guys. I often keep a Revenant in hand for just this purpose, leaving a train of useless paralytics behind me as I go.
4 Crimson Vine - really, their job is to grab green and red lands early on, but they are occasionally useful later on.
4 Jack-o'-Lantern - the prime mover of the deck's money engine for early to mid-game. They kick-start you, but remain useful throughout the game.

3 Earth Shield - protect Jack, and situationally your Revenants.
3 Fire Shield - protect Jack, and situationally your Kashas.
3 Tonfa - the deck's supreme combo is to have a Tonfa-equipped punkin next to a paralyzed victim. It's the feel-good movie of the year.
2 Vorpal Sword - while the deck isn't really about killing the enemy, sometimes a man's got to do what a man's got to do.

1 Chariot - get your punkins closer to their goal, or attack across a tower.
2 Greed - Greedy Kashas are 50/50 fire monsters, for example.
4 Hustle - Hustled Revenants are 70/70 Vampires. Most people hate those.
2 Paralyzer - sometimes you need to renew the blessings of paraplegia on a target. Plus, it gives your opponent something to do with his Telegnosis spell.
2 Refresh - heals damaged punkins and their targets, so you can keep draining them.
1 Relief - I use this to get the right monster in the right place. Also, to eliminate curses from grumpy enemy players.
1 Revelation - most of my decks have 2 Revelations and 1 Telegnosis, to keep track of things. This only has 1 Revelation because it also has Herald Spirits, who are rarely useful.
1 Revival - when I run out of Hustles or Jack-o'-Lanterns.
1 Telegnosis - see Revelation above.

Basically, every chance I get to activate a territory I strike out with one of my Jack-o'-Lanterns and steal 120G. Even if I'm reduced to attacking a territory with Jack plus a shield (the worst-case situation), I steal 120G, and it only costs me 65G.

Contraindications - this is best on a medium-sized map. On a tiny map, it is chancy - the map is often filled up before the Jack-o'-Lanterns start coming down. On a large map, there is too much open land and the deck falls apart.

Like this deck and want to build your own like it?

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Last Updated on Wednesday, 15 May 2013 08:48

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