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Bogreed (NRG, 16/6/28)

1 Armored Dragon
2 Living Mirror
2 Barbarian
3 Boggart
2 Hypno Sloth
2 Lichenoid
3 Wolverine
1 Magma Avatar

2 Counter Amulet
3 Gaseous Form
1 Metamorphose Belt

1 Acid Rain
2 Backward
1 Banishing Ray
2 Crusher
3 Fame
3 Fat Body
2 Greed
3 Holy Word 0
3 Holy Word 1
3 Mutation
1 Quicksand
1 Revival
2 Slow
1 Telegnosis

Bogreed is not a nice deck. The purpose of this deck is to stop your opponent on Boggart or Wolverine for the big toll. This is especially effective after Wolverine and Boggart have been buffed and enchanted with Greed.

The problem with this deck is that it lacks offense. It doesn't hold well against faster decks or very aggressive ones either. This is the type of deck that lays in wait until the perfect moment when the trap is sprung. Acid Rain and Banishing Ray are present for pesky idols that need to die. Quicksand is there when Boggart is on a particularly high land and I don't mind overwriting Greed to get my money.

I have taken opponents down from 9000G to bankrupt in a matter of three turns with this deck. The most money you'll likely see from one toll is 8448. That's Boggart with Greed on a chain 5 level 5 territory.

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Last Updated on Wednesday, 15 May 2013 08:48

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