Rolling Stones (RG, 15/11/24)

1 Domovoi
1 Angostura
1 Branch Army
1 Brontides
1 Cerberus
1 Hardrock Dragon
1 Hypno Sloth
1 Lichenoid
2 Sakuya
1 Spudfolk
3 Wall of Stone
1 Wolverine

3 Aura Blade
2 Force Anklet
2 Gaseous Form
1 Gremlin Tooth
3 Magma Hammer

2 Chariot
2 Crusher
1 Debility
3 Fat Body
2 Land Protection
3 Lunatic Light
3 Mass Phantasm
2 Poison Mind
1 Relief
2 Senility
2 Telekinesis
1 Trade

I thought up this idea when I was experimenting with Powder Eaters (PE) and the Phantasm + Lunatic Light combo. The problem was getting the PE to an acceptable HP before Phantasm kicks in with Lunatic Light for the scary puffball effect.

I then thought... wouldn't it be funny if one of the high HP creatures like Wall of Stone could do this? But they can't attack... or can they? Thus, Rolling Stones was born. Named partially for the fact that Wall of Stone will be your big attacker... and the fact that Wall of Stone also looks vaguely like a sculptor's failed attempt at making a bust of Keith Richards.

This deck is purely for fun. There's the potential for winning, but the main purpose is to make your opponent watch in disbelief as an 80/80 Wall of Stone rolls over his high level land. Counter Amulet can be an issue for this deck. That's why Gremlin Tooth is in there along with Force Anklet. The other hilarious thing to realize is... Wall of Stone can use weapons. Thus, an 80/80 Wall of Stone with Magma Hammer attacks for 150 damage. That same Wall of Stone attacks for 160 with Aura Blade.

Apply this concept to Cerberus. Imagine, even just a 60/60 Cerberus. With Magma Hammer he's attacking for 120 twice. That's 240 damage! What if he got up to 80/80? That's 150 twice for 300 damage. 160 damage with nothing. 320 damage with Aura Blade!

So, again, this deck is not for competitions. It's a gimmick deck and your opponent's reaction will be priceless if you pull it off.

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