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Coloss-tomy (NRBG, 25/0/25)

Just playing around with one of TopCat's book ideas. Optimally, this book attempts to play a dragon, play Conspiracy, then flood the board with Colossi which are made mobile via Chariot.

4 Colossus
3 Dragon's Egg
3 Living Mirror
4 Living Rapier
4 Fay
4 Quicksilver
3 Lichenoid

3 Chariot
3 Conspiracy
3 Crusher Storm
4 Cure
3 Fistfight
2 Intrusion
3 Liquid Form
3 Paralyzer
1 Suppression

Spell/Item Choices:

Living Rapier/Mirror: If Colossus is the focal point of your deck, you might as well accessorize him. First strike and Immunity to scrolls serve as good weapons. Plus, a simple +30HP can often times help against an opposing Prismatic Wand or Counter Amulet.

Crusher Storm: If you're carrying Living weapons, they are unaffected by the Storm. Leaving you with a distinct advantage in terms of offense/defense.

Liquid Form: Your base stats are 70/70; Liquid Form makes ST/HP cap off at 70. You connect the dots.

Other thoughts:

1.) I thought about switching in Fat Body for the Lichenoids as it is cheaper and Doublecast. However, it's nice to have a land-occupier and I've found that often times 20ST can go a long way when dealing with a Colossus.

2.) It's fairly expensive. Things like Waste and Ivory Idol kill this deck. Temperance can also prove to be a giant pain in the butt. 70MHP -->30MHP sucks the life out of your strategy pretty quickly.

3.) The deck works best on a medium-sized board. Try to space your Colossi and Quicksilvers out so that the Chariots can be more effective.

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Last Updated on Wednesday, 15 May 2013 08:48

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