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Dance of Death (NGY, 20/10/20)

Alright, here's the scoop. I've been running a Lunatic Hare, Sculpture, Powder Eater, Mothman deck for a while now and it is starting to make me feel icky because everyone and their Aunt Gertrude is running Mothman these days.

Anyhow, I decided that I want to do a theme deck that didn't necessarily have to be super-powerful. My theme, as you may have guessed, is the undead, sort of similar to what Irville (the gorilla-in-a-tuxedo Story Mode character) has. I'm very excited about this one and this is what I've basically got so far:

4 Wraith
2 Bone Golem
4 Mummy
1 Necromancer
4 Revenant
4 Vampire
1 Soul Collector

4 Necro Scarab
2 Nuclear Fusion
4 Tombstone

1 Bistair
1 Drain Magic
2 Fame
3 Fear
2 Hustle
2 Land Protection
1 Mass Phantasm
1 Rouetsoleil
1 Selenear
4 Spartoi
1 Word of Recall
1 Zeromn

This deck has gotten pretty good. I have lots of other decks, but I end up playing this one most of the time, because it is so much fun. I like to get 2 Vampires next to each other with Land Protection, level it up and hold it.

Necro Scarab does some neat little combos with this deck that I like. For example, it works well with a Wraith invasion: Wraith kills the opponent, then dies, then raises, and voila! You keep the land. I'm also fond of using it with Mummy to collect the legacy while retaining the territory.

It has a concept that I will continue to use in my decks: the Tombstone/Destruct Creature combo. This is my entire draw engine in the deck and there is not really anything that the opponent can do about it except for Gremlin Claw or The Hand. I burn my hand then Tombstone up to 6, empty the hand... it is surprisingly effective and faster than you would think.

P.S. I always wear the Mummy Tights while playing this deck, you know, for extra flavor!

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Last Updated on Wednesday, 15 May 2013 08:48

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