Gears of War (NB, 15/11/24)

3 Beast Gear
4 Ground Gear
4 Sky Gear
4 Quicksilver

3 Counter Amulet
4 Gaseous Form
4 Spiked Shield

4 Chariot
4 Foresight
4 Prophecy
4 Revelation
4 Telegnosis
4 Wind of Hope

Get at least a Ground Gear and a Sky Gear in your hand.

Put the Ground Gear down and try to invade using movement commands or spells such as Chariot, or if you're lucky enough land on an enemy's creature and use Ground Gear as the creature and Sky Gear as Support.

OK, now we have an Androgear. Use your movement spells or regular creature movement to get your Androgear to invade anything (by this time you should have a Beast Gear in your hand) and use Beast Gear as Support. Now you have a Gearion!

Now all you need to do is put down Quicksilver and use its TA. More often than not, Gearion will have the most MHP. Now you have 2 Gearions! Repeat as often as necessary to win the game.

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Last Updated on Wednesday, 15 May 2013 12:48

Card of the Moment

Cherub 360
ST:10 HP:30 MHP:30
Attack Bonus: 60% chance of causing creatures with MHP of 50 and up to return to their hand.

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