Spudfolk (NBG, 16/7/27)

I got this idea from a combo I noticed another player performing in a match awhile back.

2 Lead Idol
2 Medusa
3 Cockatrice
1 Hardrock Dragon
2 Herald Spirit
1 Lichenoid
1 Mudman
4 Spudfolk

2 Battering Ram
2 Earth Shield
3 Ring of the Succubus

2 Acid Rain
1 Aurora
1 Corruption
3 Crusher
2 Drain Magic
3 Fat Body
1 Find
4 Mutation
4 Phantasm
1 Refuge
4 Telegnosis
1 Zeromn

The Lead Idols and Cockatrices are vital for this book. My basic strategy is to hold a Lead Idol until I can get a couple of Fat Bodys... drop them on it, followed by a Phantasm, and provided no one lands on it or casts Lunatic Light on it, it's there for the duration of the game.

The Cockatrices are there obviously to turn your opponents into Wall of Stone. The Lead Idol prevents opponents from exchanging the creatures, leaving you with an extra 20G when you use Spudfolk's territory ability. By the end of one match, I was getting over 300G each time I used the ability.

I added the Medusa and Battering Ram for offensive purposes, just in case a land is leveled up before I can get to it. She obviously isn't ideal for defending it and for that reason I'm thinking about adding a Tokebi to revert it to magic.

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Last Updated on Wednesday, 15 May 2013 12:48

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