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Money (NG, 19/4/27)

2 Brass Idol
2 Lead Idol
2 Brontides
1 Hypno Sloth
2 Mummy
2 Odradek
2 Sakuya
4 Spud Folk
2 Wall of Stone

4 Necro Scarab

3 Fairy Light
4 Fame
2 Find
1 Haste
2 Mass Phantasm
4 Reincarnation
4 Revelation
2 Revival
1 Suppression
2 Trade
1 Word of Recall
1 Zeromn

First, the philosophy. I wanted to make a deck that ran as smooth as butter. One that "greased the gears" well. This means I'm running 4 Reincarnations, 2 Revivals, 2 Finds, and 2 Brass Idols. I wanted creatures that were relatively cheap because I was planning on leveling them and using Fame as often as possible. Because Fame requires me to level territories, they need to be able to survive so I put in creatures that had decent HP as well as 4 Necro Scarabs to protect against damage and scrolls. So far this is 16 cards that "had" to be in the deck. I recognized right away that the Spud Folk was the creature of choice because of its low cost, 40 HP, and awesome money-acquiring ability which helps me get my territories leveled even faster.

I threw in a couple of Trades, mostly to protect against other Trades, but also to level up the Lead Idol and shell it off to some poor unsuspecting victim. 4 Revelations are there to pop off the Spud Folk, level lands for Fame, and transform lands with Sakuya.

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Last Updated on Wednesday, 15 May 2013 08:48

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