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Holy Water (NRG, 14/9/27)

Any credit to TopCat for the central idea behind this book.

2 Brass Idol
2 Fay
2 Gargoyle
4 Revenant
4 Vampire

3 Aura Blade
2 Boomerang
2 Counter Amulet
2 Plate Mail

1 Bistair
4 Brave Song
2 Crusher
2 Forest Leap
2 Hustle
2 Land Protection
2 Manna
2 Paralyzer
2 Prophecy
1 Revival
1 Selenear
2 Temperance
3 Trespass
1 Zeromn

Pretty simple conceptually... this is obviously a defensive book, with not much capacity to take a high level land outright.

Early game plan is to place creatures primarily on fire, earth, neutral lands, working to build an earth chain. Idol and Fay probably won't stay on the board long and can be placed a bit less discriminately. All creatures are vulnerable early, so pick and choose carefully...

Fay the Vamps and Hustle/Land Protect the Revenants before leveling to create Vampires with no item restrictions. Prefer one high level land over a few mid-level. Brass Idol helps keep the low creature and item counts manageable, but could also be disastrous against the right decks. Early revision included Reincarnation, which helped to ensure the book benefited more than opponent Cepters, but I found that two Prophecy and a Reincarnation do the job; on the fence at this point.

Aura Blade ensures Gargoyle and Revenant can hit for 80ST (that hopefully you've cast Temperance on), though that won't be any help against many of the popular land holders and is susceptible to item steal/destroy. Boomerang's recycle makes early defense a little easier. TopCat recommended lots of Crusher Storm in this book and that very well may be a better option in place of these items.

Manna, Trespass, and Zeromn keep the G at a barely acceptable level early game (lap 1-3). Consider adding Fairy Light and dropping Brave Song and/or Manna on larger maps to generate more G and combo with the idol.

Interesting (to me) concept, but lots of easily exploitable weaknesses in the deck. Few of the most obvious are:

- It will crumble against a first attack deck, as it's not holding land if Vamps/Revenants can't strike first.

- No real means to deal with a better built defensive deck. Cannot displace creatures effectively and the only cards to avoid tolls are Lake Leap and Zeromn, neither of which will draw often enough to be truly useful.

- Not much offensive power. Revenant's paralyze ability and a lucky item draw might allow for a 2-stage capture, but this deck isn't going to take much high level land unassisted against an average online opponent.

- A Marble Idol or two will stall this deck hard. Paralyzer will buy some breathing room, but it's not difficult to replace/move. Most decks don't pack this card, but if it comes out, this deck is in trouble.

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Last Updated on Wednesday, 15 May 2013 08:48

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