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Probability Control (RG, 8/4/38)

I wanted to share a new deck I've seen played and now play myself. I did not create this deck, I've modified it some from the original. The deck was played against me by, I think but I'm not certain, Lantern48 on Live, and then we teamed up and played it together. It's an awesome deck and most people don't know it's even out there. It's great in heads-up, but in team games (depending on the map) it owns.

4 Boggart
4 Hypno Sloth

4 Counter Amulet

2 Anti-Magic
4 Backward
2 Crusher
2 Fame
1 Holy Blight
4 Holy Word 0
4 Holy Word 1
4 Holy Word 2
3 Holy Word 3
1 Mass Phantasm
3 Pain
3 Reincarnation
4 Slow
1 Suppression

If it's not already obvious, this deck is meant to control the die rolls of the opponent, causing them to slow to a crawl, and even getting them onto teleport squares if they're in the map. The deck wins with Boggart, clean and simple.

It doesn't look like it would work, I'll admit. And I am running a variation of the one Lantern48 was playing against me, where he used 4 Prophecy instead of the Mass Phantasm, Holy Blight, and two Crushers.

I opt for Mass Phantasm because it can save your Boggarts, I run Holy Blight because Marble Idol shuts this deck down. And the two Crushers are great item removal for an early game Boggart.

How to play:
Cast Anti-Magic on yourself whenever you get it, this deck doesn't run any self-helping cards (other than the Holy Words - but you're not using them on yourself, unless you have to). Use the Holy Words on your opponent, then Backward to keep them from getting to forts. Sometimes you cannot stop an enemy from getting to a fort, but because most decks are creature-based, it's simple to just let them, then watch them place creatures as you Slow him, Pain him, and then reverse him, so he takes forever to get where he's going.

Needless to say, it's a pain to play against.

Hold your creatures until you decide what color you're going. Red or green is great, but it doesn't really matter a whole lot. The idea is to keep the opponent from being able to invade your lands by zapping money and letting him manna-drain himself as you slow him.

How to Win:
You need to hold onto your Boggarts until you choose a color to go with - red works great because Boggarts get that color boost, but it's not necessary. Hold on to your Hypno Sloths until you need an extra Holy Word 1, and try to get the Sloths spaced far enough apart so that as you're looping, you're actually hitting them about once every other roll - that allows you to hold onto extra spells, like 1s and 2s.

Because you'll be doing three laps (or more) to your opponent's one, you will have a lot of disposable income. Use them, immediately, to level up your creatures, primarily the Boggarts, but secondarily the Sloths. I run Crusher to get rid of penetrating items and other hazardous spells like direct damage or Suppressions - however, you'll rarely get to use Crusher on a Suppression. Direct-damage spells are the best, as you should be, naturally, dropping creatures and leveling them immediately (if with a Hypno Sloth) or passing them frequently enough to be dumping money. Keep about 250 in your reserves, that's really all this deck needs to work.

Use the Holy Word 1 through 3s to get your opponent to hit the Boggarts that are, hopefully, level 5. Use Holy Word 0 to hit them again when they land on it, sending them back to the castle, all their creatures sold up.

Pain, funny as that sounds, is a very pleasant complementary spell for this deck. Use it when your opponent gets below 100 to get them to sell off their creatures, or just use it to keep them under 100 gold so they can't use Counter Amulets or scrolls, or even creatures.

It's okay to let them cross the castle every once in a while, because as this deck starts ramping up, it requires a "down time" which the opponent will exploit by playing creatures pell-mell. Don't worry about it, just make sure they don't Crusher or Suppression you by doing that first, if possible.

Generally, you don't need too much draw power - Reincarnation will do wonders when you "just need that Holy Word 0" which will happen, guaranteed. The deck forces, by default, its opponent to discard about half his or her deck, because he or she will not have enough money to use the cards, thus, you will be at least 30 cards up on them after the first thirty rounds.

Slow is the most important card in the deck, I think, as it allows you two rounds to draw cards without having to play them, giving you the illusion of card advantage, while it, really, just gives you a few cards.

I have run Revival in this deck before, but it doesn't seriously need it. It can be put in for a Mass Phantasm or Suppression, but it actually stalls your aggressive spellcasting on your opponent, which is why the deck wins.

Like this deck and want to build your own like it?

We've done the work for you! Click here to go straight to the Culdcept Saga Deck Builder and customize as you see fit! :-)

Last Updated on Wednesday, 15 May 2013 08:48

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