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Clean Sweep (RG, 20/5/25)

Here is my version of TopCat/Kuroi Kenshi's land transfer book called Rockebi. In this book, I've come up with a few more ideas that really help out in the long run. OK, here we go:

4 Tokebi
4 Herald Spirit
2 Lichenoid
4 Rock Shell
4 Sakuya
2 Wolverine

2 Counter Amulet
2 Earth Shield
1 Ring of the Succubus

3 Drain Magic
3 Fame
4 Paralyzer
3 Poison Mind
2 Revelation
1 Revival
3 Squeeze
2 Suppression
1 Telegnosis
3 Trespass

Well, that's mostly how I keep the deck. Let's start off with the creatures. We all know what Tokebi does and how he is the main thing with this deck, and the Herald Spirits for the enchantments, then we get to Sakuya, well, for 80G turn a land into a green land cheap! Rock Shell has Peace - very very nice - it's cheap too, like 40G, I think, and dump your magic on him fast. Wolverine - when you sell your land the first time or the second time when you have over 3000G you drop a level 5 Wolverine and then the rest of the gold goes on any other one for the big refund!!! Now, the last creature: Lichenoid. Why, some ask? Well, for the stupid Lightning Dragons and the Bolt spells. Most of the creatures are 30MHP, so you want to boost up just a little and it's fun to have a level 5 Wolverine at 100 MHP lol.

OK, item time!!! I don't have many, but the ones I pick are great in this deck so Earth Shield - easy one here, neutralizes all non-scroll damage. Ring of the Succubus - attacks first and attack bonus opponent's base ST=0!! Now the Counter Amulet - two ways you can use this: as defense or as attack - up to you.

Spells: Drain Magic - easy one again. Fame - because you will have level 5's really fast! :-D Paralyzer - very good spell in here. This can be used on Kelpies or big threats like Ebony Idol or even Lightning Dragon. Poison Mind - great card, use these for control, but make sure you know what cards are a pain to this deck and get rid of or use to break the plans of others. Revelation - hmmmmm. Revival - duh! Use to refresh the deck. Squeeze - just put it in and I don't regret it at all, it's a powerful card in this deck you can use it to get rid of main cards that will hurt you or get rid of combos for your opponent or even give you some quick cash!! But overall, a control card. And another control card: Suppression - just get rid of threats! Telegnosis - 1 only, because it recycles back to book. Finally, use the awesome Trespasses for fast G and even a faster game.

Well, I hope I covered everything. Oh, and the deck so far is 28-1.

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Last Updated on Wednesday, 15 May 2013 08:48

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