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Support Deck (G, 17/4/29)

It's a pretty simple deck, with very few high cost cards. The idea is to use cheap hard to kill green support creatures to get an early chain, and then raise your magic with spells to create a couple high level tolls rather quickly:

4 Grimalkin
4 Odradek
4 Spud Folk
3 Squirrine
2 Woodfolk

2 Earth Shield
2 Tombstone

4 Crusher
2 Crusher Storm
4 Drain Magic
3 Fame
3 Forest Leap
2 Quicksand
2 Refuge
2 Reincarnation
2 Suppression
3 Trespass
2 Wind of Hope

The play of the deck is pretty straightforward. I throw the Spud Folk down all over, try to keep them from being too close to each other or to forts and castles. Squirrines and Woodfolk tend to be place holders until I can get a Grimalkin or Odradek on my more valuable lands, although they can hold up alright on their own.

I think Refuge is an underplayed card. It doesn't hurt you to draw multiples of it, and it just about guarantees you can play a spell every turn.

Since the deck is pretty efficient in its card use, I tend to be able to play a spell or two every turn, so Tombstone acts as a good deterrent to defend less valuable lands. You can also throw a Squirrine at just about anything and use it to refill.

I do like to play symbols pretty hard when I can. It can allow you to creep up a bit by slow playing the first lap-ish, and then the deck can catch up in TG with its rapid card play.

Overall, the deck's rapid use of cards, quick generation of magic, and decent ability to defend itself, it can bolt to first and hold it pretty well.

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Last Updated on Wednesday, 15 May 2013 08:48

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