Midas (NRG, 19/8/23)

3 Ivory Idol
4 Barbarian
2 Phoenix
3 Tokebi
2 Blynx
3 Rock Shell
2 Spud Folk

2 Gaseous Form
3 Magma Hammer
3 Petrify Stone

2 Chariot
1 Fairy Light
4 Gift
2 Haste
3 Land Protection
2 Mutation
1 Refresh
2 Refuge
1 Reincarnation
1 Relief
2 Revival
2 Telegnosis

The basic idea of this deck is to make the opponents pay heavy via the Ivory Idol while you make money; with the exception of Ivory Idol and Reincarnation, every card listed here is N to maximize the use of the card. Land Protection serves to defend the Idol from Banishing Ray / Magic Bolt / etc., though it does not defend against Holy Blight or Peluda. I am considering Phantasm / Holy Asylum (S and R cards unfortunately) as an alternative, but that doesn't stop people from Telekinesis / Intrusion / other nasty land-manipulation cards (despite the very steep cost on many of these while Ivory Idol is in play).

Another major part of this is developing green lands. The basic idea is that you take over green lands with Blynx, exchange in Rock Shell, cast Peace, and use Tokebi's TA to sell it when it's high level and you have a reasonable chain. If that doesn't work, you can keep peace on them and start pumping out the Spud Folk. The Barbarians and Phoenix are basically here to take over land, but to be honest, I don't really know why I put in Phoenix besides baiting people into spending money.

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Last Updated on Wednesday, 15 May 2013 12:48

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