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Neutral Symbols (N, 10/7/33)

A pretty subtle book I put together recently. I like it because it's kinda stealthy, and not very delicate. It also can be played successfully several ways. Here's the list:

2 Armored Dragon
2 Borgess
2 Marble Idol
2 Red Cap
2 Sanctum Guard

4 Coin of Piety
3 Tombstone

3 Aurora
2 Brave Song
2 Drain Magic
2 Find
3 Goblin's Lair
2 Haste
2 Refuge
2 Reincarnation
2 Revival
3 Spartoi
2 Telegnosis
2 Trade
3 Trespass
3 Wind of Hope

The ideal way to play is to get an early Marble Idol out and start littering the board with Goblins until it dies. With Borgess and Redcap out you have the standard neutral gambit in play. In addition, you'll be powering up symbol value with Aurora and using Sanctum Guards and Coins of Piety to gain symbols (along with temples, if there are any). You can also use Trade to get a big creature someone else played for one of your Goblins, then kill it (the Goblin) with Armored Dragon's TA.

Barring getting a head start on placement with the idol, you can focus on increasing symbol value and trading for a power creature all the while trying to use Coins and Guards to gain extra symbols. If you're lucky, then two other people have books with the same primary color on a stage with a temple. You're really in business then.

If there are lots of Goblins in play, you'll want to spend your money leveling up Redcap. If not, you can level any power creatures you Trade for (Mudman, Garuda, Dragons, etc) or level up Armored Dragon or Skeletons (if Borgess it out and you're feeling a little risky or pressured).

I tend to blow through cards in this book (it's not uncommon to be down to zero or one cards) so if anyone invades a land or you have an expendable in your hand, use a Tombstone to redraw back up to six.

A key point is make use of Revival. Use it almost every time you get it. It'll restock Red Caps, Coins, Guards, Auroras and Trespasses. This makes up for the fact that there aren't ideal amounts present in any one draw. Also, since you want to use Find and Hope to move through your book quick, you don't have to fret as much about throwing out certain cards since you can refresh them later.

Most lands aren't vital and can be lost without much of an impact. Restrict leveling to several key lands later and try and get as many symbols as you can in its color. I find leveling too early to be a risk, particularly since there are no defensive items. Ideally, you don't need them as Redcap can make up for them if even 6 Goblins and Borgess are in play. If Goblin's Lair gets Suppressed, just remember Revival.

I'm thinking of taking out both Reincarnations and adding two Chariots. This can allow a bit more opportunism in using Coins of Piety to gain symbols, especially if Marble Idol is out and a Sanctum Guard/Redcap are already in play. Reincarnation/Revival are excellent at compressing/refreshing the book, so maybe I'll only take one out.

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Last Updated on Wednesday, 15 May 2013 08:48

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