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Anti-Wall Deck (NBGY, 18/8/24)

My first attempt at an anti-wall deck turned out to be good at turning things into walls and killing them, but not so great at actually winning a match. So here's my second revision. I think the deck might be optimal for allied play, as its disruptive/offensive capabilities could be well-complemented by a more defensive ally.

2 Possession
4 Medusa
4 Blynx
4 Cockatrice
4 Succubus

4 Battering Ram
2 Eagle Rapier
2 Gaseous Form

3 Banishing Ray
4 Cramp
4 Find
1 Intrusion
3 Lunatic Light
1 Replace
1 Revival
1 Telegnosis
2 Trespass
4 Wall Transform

Recent Changes: Got rid of Acid Rains and Insect Swarms because there was too much destruction and not enough ways to benefit from it. Added Banishing Ray to kill specific walls (Statues from Medusa or Wonder Walls from Wall Transform). Added Eagle Rapier to help wall-ify intruders while defending, or get past first strike creatures while attacking.

Proposed Changes: Possibly replace Cramps with Debility? I don't have Debility yet.

Obvious Combos:
Medusa or Cockatrice + Battering Ram
Either Lunatic Light or Banishing Ray can kill a lot of the walls out there.
Succubus or Cramp + Lunatic Light can take out almost anything.

Other notes:
Blynx to grab and hold green land for Cockatrice limit. Also can snatch up any empty high-level land recently opened up by one of the above spells.
Lunatic Light also takes care of a bunch of other pain-in-the-butt creatures like Frost Beast.

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Last Updated on Wednesday, 15 May 2013 08:48

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