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Girl Power (NBY, 18/7/25)

I created this to help someone on another site, but as it's an original reconception of her book theme I take credit for it and post it here. I think it can be competitive, personally.

2 Sanctum Guard
3 Medusa
3 Nike
2 Succubus
3 Sword Princess
2 Tetrarm
3 Witch

2 Battering Ram
1 Boomerang
2 Counter Amulet
1 Soul Ray
1 Tearing Halo

1 Chariot
3 Crusher
2 Intrusion
2 Land Protection
2 Peace
2 Plain Leap
2 Prophecy
2 Revelation
1 Revival
1 Telegnosis
1 Trade
2 Trespass
2 Wall Transform
2 Weathering

You'll want to use Sword Princess to get Armed Princess and level her up. Use Land Protection to keep her from getting cursed or moved via spells. You want to use Peace to keep your Witches on the board so you can keep using them to steal magic. Nike is another candidate for holding land as the only way she can lose in battle is if they have first strike or if they take no damage from her. I'd Land Protect her if I was to level her up.

If you need to strike a pinpoint target you have two solid options. One is to invade with Medusa and use Battering Ram. If she is able to do damage you will instantly kill the creature. Another is to Wall Transform the creature and have any other creature attack with a Battering Ram. To make this more reliable you can use Intrusion to ensure you take the land at an opportune moment. Keep in mind you can only Intrude with creatures who have no discard or land requirement (Sanctum Guard and Witch).

Trespass is going to be your main money spell. Use it when Cepters are near the castle to make lots of magic.

Another option you have for taking a large land is Witch or Tetrarm. Witch has scroll critical so she can do a penetrating 45 damage with Soul Ray which will return to your hand after battle. For more firepower use Tetrarm with a scroll. Since Tetrarm attacks twice she will double scroll attack. This adds up to a 90 damage scroll attack with Tearing Halo since she will scroll critical while using it.

Use Revival when you want to fully refresh your book. It's useful when you've, say, had your Telegnosis crushed after having used all of your Revelations. Useful to get more of the same creature as well. Nothing wrong with having a ton of Peaced Witches in play.

Be sure to make use of strategic creature placement. I've included Chariot for this purpose. If you want to take a big land you get at least 4 space buffer in which to place a creature. Place adjacent and you can use Telegnosis or Revelation to move the creature over and attack it. Place within two spaces and you can Chariot the creature over during the spell phase. Useful if the land is ahead of you for you can Chariot, steal the land, pass it by and switch the creature or level it up more, etc.

I included Plain Leap to help gain yellow chains faster. You'll also need to get a yellow land as quick as possible so you can summon Nike or Sword Princess.

I've included Weathering instead of Influence because it can be used offensively. You can cast Weathering on an enemy's land to reduce a chain of his to prevent him from winning, or you can turn a big land yellow to eliminate a creature's land effects so you can more easily take it (think of this as a soft form of penetration). It'll also be yellow for you when you steal it and instantly add to your chain.

There is only one Trade because, for the most part, you'll not want to give up your creatures to an enemy Cepter. You shouldn't Trade Witch away (with exceptions). If you're clever, you can, say, take a Witch or Medusa on a yellow land and level it up to the same level of a land you want to take from the enemy. Place a creature nearby who could kill your creature. Trade lands. At this point you'll have broke even or lost some TM if the land you traded for isn't yellow. Then move your creature over or Intrude and take the land back. You'd do this if that land you traded for had an unassailable creature, like a Grimalkin, for instance (you can't target Grimalkin with Intrusion).

Like this deck and want to build your own like it?

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