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Killer Naja (R, 17/6/27)

So here's my take on the direct damage philosophy. I played a match where someone used a similar book to very good (and annoying) effect and just had to X-copy his book. It was Killer7 initially (I had 7 different creatures in), but I gave the book to my AI Najaran, adjusted it, and renamed it for her.

2 Ares
2 Barbarian
2 Hell Pyron
2 Helltic
2 Hive Queen
3 Hive Worker
2 Peluda
2 Volcanic Dragon

4 Fire Shield
2 Magma Hammer

2 Banishing Ray
1 Chariot
2 Frost Needle
3 Gift
4 Insect Swarm
1 Intrusion
2 Reflection
2 Revelation
2 Telegnosis
2 Trespass
2 Upheaval
2 Venomous Boil
2 Zap

Like I said, it works, but my build seems a little unfocused. The key is to kill off a ton of creatures with direct damage spells/TAs not only to diminish their assets and vacate high-level lands, but also to use Hell Pyron's TA and get a whopping 50G per deceased creature.

Peluda is a main point to the book. His TA is a bit pricey at 100G, but it deals 10 damage to all non-red creatures on the board. This means that you can not only get past Land Protection, but you can limit the impact Insect Swarm will have on your own creatures.

I threw Ares in to make it easier for attackers to kill defenders. In a 3 or 4-way match this can really work to the book's advantage. Hell Pyron will give reds another +10ST aid on top of that.

You'll notice the book has a strong ant undercurrent. They're cheap, easy to play, and with Queens they are a very renewable weapon that aids itself. They are easy to shuffle around to make quick work of any hurt creatures and don't impact your pocketbook if they die. I added Volcanic Dragon to my original build for a ST=60 scroll attack and to neutralize red. No one else playing red can make use of Hell Pyron against it, and if anyone gets ants via Trade or anything, the Dragon is immune to them.

I threw in Zaps instead of Magic Bolts because it's not only super cheap (and this book isn't very easy on the wallet), but also because it has repeatable casting so you can play an important spell you might need to get off this turn (like Insect Swarm).

One thing I believe it needs is at least one Revival. First, more Upheavals is good, and more Insect Swarms will be necessary so people don't sit easy after you throw out three or four. More ants don't hurt, either. ;-)

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Last Updated on Wednesday, 15 May 2013 08:48

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