The Ant Book (R, 14/4/32)

This is one of my favorite decks because it's pretty fun to play. The main premise is to flood the stages with Hive Workers who aid each other and use them as weapons to hold/take land.

3 Barbarian
3 Chimera
4 Hive Queen
4 Hive Worker

2 Counter Amulet
2 Fire Shield

2 Capture
2 Chariot
2 Drain Magic
2 Fat Body
2 Haste
2 Intrusion
3 Prophecy
2 Reflection
2 Reincarnation
3 Revelation
1 Revival
1 Telegnosis
2 Telekinesis
2 Teleport
2 Trespass
2 Upheaval

Some of the key combos are:

Using Fat Body to beef up the Hive Queens, who you also cast Reflection on and have them hold your first high level lands.

Using Revelation to get two Hive Workers from your Queens in play (I threw in one Telegnosis so you can keep gaining Hive Workers until your book refreshes).

I originally had Avenger in my book, but I think Barbarian's Immediate ability will come in more useful. With it you can do something like push an enemy off of a high level land with Telekinesis, Intrude with the Barbarian, take the land and move Barbarian over to the high level land. This works really well if they were depending on land effects to hold the land or if it's a creature that can kill itself (ST > HP).

**I'm currently toying with a new build on this book. I've taken away one Barbarian and all three Chimeras and replaced them with two Conjurers and two Hell Pyrons. Ba-al is a little more versatile than Chimera since he can appear anywhere and strong creature mobility is a hallmark of the book. Hell Pyron will aid all of the Hive Workers and can net magic with his TA.

On the spell side, I've removed replaced Reincarnation with Gift, which doesn't compress the book as well but gives me 100G to pay for the slightly bigger creatures I now have. I've replaced Haste with Replace which will cheapen Hell Pyron to a straight 130G to play (10G for a Hive Worker, 120G to replace it with Hell Pyron).

Like this deck and want to build your own like it?

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Last Updated on Wednesday, 15 May 2013 08:48

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