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(HoF) ロッケビ Rockebi (RG, 16/6/28)

This is a book that TopCat and myself have used often. While ours differ in slight ways, the outcome and base are still the same.

4 Tokebi
4 Herald Spirit
4 Rock Shell
4 Sakuya

2 Counter Amulet
1 Nuclear Fusion
2 Petrify Stone
1 Soul Ray

3 Drain Magic
2 Fame
3 Forest Leap
2 Intrusion
2 Prophecy
2 Reflection
2 Revelation
1 Revival
2 Suppression
2 Telegnosis
3 Trespass
2 Wild Growth
2 Word of Recall

I've adjusted my book through several iterations since I first made it. I think the most important change I've made was to only include Immediate creatures. This makes it a lot easier to dump away large amounts of money quickly if someone is sitting on a couple of Drain Magics. It also makes it easier to get your creatures on green lands which is an absolute necessity. I also chose Immediates who could use scrolls (with the exception of Rock Shell). Far too many times did I wind up sitting on Intrusions and scrolls because my hand was full of creatures that couldn't use it.

Throwing in Word of Recall has really helped as well. In many games I get picked on, end up in last place, get the combo off, hit the magic goal, and wind up racing to the castle against someone else. I've managed to win a game already just because I was sitting on a Word of Recall (two, actually, which was good because casting the first caused me to go under the goal by 20G). It also works well for depriving a rival of a castle bonus after they've passed the last fort.

An iteration I went through before was to get rid of Suppression and include several Granite Idols, which prevent people from casting single flash spells on you, particularly Drain Magic. While it seems like a good concept, I had trouble with it since Granite Idols can't move. Makes it hard to get 'em on green lands without Sakuya.

Land Transfer is a very powerful strategy because it is completely self-fueled and self-concerned. Apart from several key counters, once the book gets past the initial monetary "hump" it's just really hard to stop. The main principle - the reason the book is so strong - is because it's particularly safe since they have to attack your G in hand directly to hurt you. As we know, there are very many ways to take over a land and knock someone down several ranks, but there are only a few ways of directly affecting someone's G in hand.

The main key is to not always shoot for the ideal with the book; not to wait until you have a level 5 land in a 5-chain before you start to transfer. Unless you get a good Trespass, you might want to start earlier so you can get over that hump sooner.

Another strong combo involves Intrusion. Casting Wild Growth on an opponent's level 5 land, Intruding with Tokebi + Nuclear Fusion, then transfering the land after you take it to prevent reciprocity is super good.

Also, throwing a Tokebi down on any land and transferring it can be good for some quick G. On a single land of value 100 he will get you 60G which is enough to cast a Trespass you couldn't before.

There are only a few major weaknesses, thankfully. I think the biggest is Ebony Idol. The book is completely stranded and helpless without the use of Territory Abilities, in particular, Tokebi's land transfer. At that point, you either have to eliminate the idol or play the deck standard.

Another is Drain Magic. Since you'll have so much G on hand after a transfer, you are very susceptible to losing 1000G+ on a single Drain. Suppressing Drain Magic early is key with this particular build.

Sculpture/Mass Damage. Sculpture isn't the best counter, but it can be fairly annoying. If it comes early, you still have many creatures to work around your new statues, and if it comes late, you can still transfer any statues you have on high-level lands, provided you still have Tokebis in your hand or book. Mass damage spells hurt more since it's fairly easy to get everything killed off with them all having only 30HP. If it's late in the game, it can be hard to regroup from having them all die and your chain destroyed.

I find that when I play this book I'm never out of the game, unless they have an Ebony Idol in play. If I don't win, I'm usually racing someone to the castle at the very end, or just passing it to reach the goal and wishing I had Word of Recall or Backward. It is definitely one of the strongest books I've seen online.

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Last Updated on Wednesday, 15 May 2013 08:48

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