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(HoF) Do-Dai (w/video!) (NRG, 21/2/27)

Why HoF, you may ask? Simple. Do-Dai was the inspiration for fatherofmany's "The Deck", which he used with great success in Seasons 2, 3, and 4. He won Season 3. - Andyman

The deck name of "Do-Dai" is from this video:


Living Mirror x2
Tokebi x2
Branch Army x1
Herald Spirit x1
Hypno Sloth x2
Mudman x3
Mummy x2
Rock Shell x3
Sakuya x2
Spiny Agama x3


Counter Amulet x2

----------------------Moving Function
Escape x2
Haste x3
Word of Recall x3
----------------------Drawing Extra Card(s) Function
Find x2
Reincarnation x3
----------------------Earning Function
Fame x3
Trespass x3
----------------------Intercept Function
Drain Magic x2
Theft x3
Trade x2
----------------------Misc.(To use territory command phase surely)
Telegnosis x1


This deck is highly tuned for under the regulation;
E-card is restricted.
Map: Grave Canyon (see video below)
Goal: 7,000
Rounds: 40
Time Limit: 30 seconds
Lands: Normal

The feature of Grave Canyon;
Initial value of the land(s): ALL 80G
Rolling of the dice:1-7
The number of area(s):3 (1 outer, and 2 inner)
The number of fort(s):1 (passing fort bonus: 150G)
The number of the vacant land(s) - outer: 32, inner: 16
Spaces to get a lap bonus that you need to walk: 20
There are two castles(up and down) in the outer area.

It indicates that;
There is quite a few wide map, but it can get a lap bonus easily (lap bonus: 300G-550G).
Trespass and Fame are very strong spells.
It is easy to increase the land chains, and to make a higher levels(Lv4: 560G, Lv5: 1,200G)

How to play:
It has only four very easy processes.
1) Spread your creatures to the lands even if it is not green color.
2) Increase the green land chain at least four or over. Use well Trade and Territorial ability of Sakuya.
3) To get many gains, use Trespass and Fame.
4) Invest your gains in the land you own, and accomplish first.
Territorial ability of Tokebi and Herald Spirit, Telegnosis, and Word of Recall are very helpful for you to win.

DO NOT ATTEMPT to attack a high level of the land that an opponent have. Ignore it.
To cast the Word of recall in this map, you will teleport to the UPPER castle.

Here is an actual replay. Let's see it.

Do-Dai, do you want to win a match easily, and get the 200 wins online achievement instantly?

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Last Updated on Wednesday, 15 May 2013 08:48

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