Sadism (NR, 20/0/30)

First of all, yes, I know what Sadism is... I gave the book said name when an opponent asked me if I got some sort of pleasure from continuously invading his lands regardless of level/value... to which I of course responded with a resounding yes. >:-)

This book was inspired by Andy's OMFG. It lacks most of the Attacks First creatures (and hence, stalls against pure Attacks First decks), but it's obliterated anything else I've thrown at it.

4 Living Rapier
4 Sanctum Guard
2 Ares
4 Barbarian
4 Gladiator
2 Hell Pyron

2 Chariot
3 Crusher Storm
2 Fistfight
4 Gift
3 Hunter's Song
2 Influence
3 Mountain Leap
4 Permission/Drain Magic (or whatever your preferred money-making spell is)
1 Revival
2 Upheaval
4 Wind of Hope

The objective of this deck is simple - kill anything and everything that your opponent lays down. Influence/Mountain Leap/Upheaval aren't vital (though they do help with chaining and Upheaval is nice to have to break opponent's chains) and are interchangeable with spells of your choice. If I'm running this deck on a map with temples, I'll throw a few of the aforementioned spells out in favor of Corruption. Fistfight keeps your landholders on the board-I'll usually Fistfight one Hell Pyron and one Ares. It's important to keep the pressure on constantly with this deck - basically, Crusher Storm the items, use Hunter's Song when it draws, and enjoy the carnage. :-D

Not the most effective deck as far as defense goes, but for the most part, it will blow through a pure defensive deck with no problem. It is, however, quickly becoming one of my favorites. Nothing like Charioting a Gladiator over onto one territory, doing 120ST damage without an item, killing it, landing on another territory with Barbarian, killing it, then moving one more space to kill another of your opponent's territories (keeping in mind if you have Hunter's Song equipped, you just earned yourself a smooth 600G magic in the process).

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Last Updated on Wednesday, 15 May 2013 12:48

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