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(HoF) Helpnhand (NRBGY, 27/1/22)

Basic support deck. This is my last incarnation of a deck I used pretty regularly.

2 Bandit
2 Colossus
2 Ground Gear
1 Living Rapier
2 Sky Gear
2 Trojan Horse
4 Burning Titan
1 Death Scythe
1 Sharazad
2 Bloody Pudding
1 Brontides
1 Dryad
1 Grimalkin
1 Odradek
2 Sage
1 Wall of Stone
1 Mutitan

1 Nuclear Fusion

2 Chariot
2 Crusher Storm
1 Find
3 Hunter's Song
3 Intrusion
2 Land Protection
4 Paralyzer
3 Reincarnation
1 Revival
1 Telekinesis

This is a deck designed with total balance in mind. You have an answer for everything in here. Trojan Horse is a beast. Brontides is a last-ditch attacker, but he + Colossus is near-unstoppable. This is the more offensive-minded version, as I noted earlier. Hunter's Song + Intrusion + Bandit + Death Scythe = nastiness.

If you're going with the offensive version, Incineration isn't a bad addition. Sage is a great defender. Bloody Pudding is as well. Brontides is a great dual threat. You'll never have problem keeping money on hand if you just play smart. A lot of people commit to a color (usually green) with support. That hampers the deck. You need to be able to adapt to whatever is going on. If you're off color, so what? They are going to have to throw a lot at you to take out your defensive weapons.

Reincarnate liberally. If you have a bunch of support creatures, Reincarnate and get creature items. Living Rapier is great offensively (Colossus + LR!) and defensively (FA can help a ton).

Crusher Storm those items away. Paralyze anything you want. Just have fun. It is a very, very easy deck to use and to master. Once you get used to what to use when, you'll rarely face a deck that makes you sweat. You're never out of items, you're never out of creatures, and you're never out of manna, so you always have a fighting chance.

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Last Updated on Wednesday, 15 May 2013 08:48

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