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(HoF) Targethis (NRGY, 18/9/23)

This is also another deck that was undefeated. Great to use in multiplayer matches.

2 Colossus
1 Living Mirror
4 Cait Sith
2 Blynx
3 Grimalkin
2 Odradek
4 Pegasus

2 Claymore
1 Counter Amulet
1 Diamond Armor
4 Gaseous Form
1 Nuclear Fusion

1 Anti-Magic
1 Cleanse
2 Crusher
2 Drain Magic
3 Fame
1 Find
2 Foresight
1 Intrusion
1 Mass Phantasm
2 Paralyzer
3 Reincarnation
1 Revival
2 Telegnosis
1 Trespass

What makes this deck go? The fact that your opponent is going to struggle with not being able to target any of your creatures. Colossus and Living Mirror are better used as items (as most of your creatures are untargetable, but quite a few have Support).

Mass Phantasm works great also. Not only can they not target your creatures, but they also can't damage your HP indirectly.

Intrusion is there in case you need to take out a big land (Odradek + Colossus, Cait Sith + Claymore, Colossus by himself). Chain green, level up your creatures, play defensively, win. Works well in multiplayer matches, because people can't get after your creatures so all their offensive firepower is focused on the other players.

Yes, it can fall victim to hyper-offensive decks, there's no denying that, but keep recycling your defensive items + Colossus via Reincarnation and Revival. Blynx is good for moving to vacated territories (when your opponents take out each other's territories), but don't use him as a land holder. Get a Grimalkin down ASAP.

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Last Updated on Wednesday, 15 May 2013 08:48

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