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(HoF) Slowride (NBG, 12/4/34)

This is probably my meanest deck. It works best on medium to large maps, but boy oh boy is it brutal. I've used it effectively on smaller maps as well, but that takes way more strategy.

4 Iron Idol
4 Swamp Spawn
4 Hypno Sloth

2 Counter Amulet
2 Gaseous Form

3 Crusher
3 Fat Body
1 Find
3 Holy Word 0
2 Land Drain
1 Land Protection
1 Mass Phantasm
3 Paralyzer
3 Permission
2 Poison Mind
2 Quicksand
3 Reincarnaton
3 Revelation
2 Trade
2 Word of Recall

Cast early, cast often.

Do not fear anti-magic.

This deck is going to take you about 15 rounds before it starts to really pay off. This is not a speedy deck, but it is effective. Because in 15 rounds, your opponent still won't have completed one lap. In fact, your opponent shouldn't complete a lap all game. Let them play as many creatures as they want to. Don't worry about it. They won't have the money to level the lands and Land Drain will brutalize them.

You have to get Iron Idol out fairly early. But, only because you need it. You're controlling the speed of the game. You have to be mindful of cards like Haste. If it seems like they can get themselves to the castle with a Haste, use Word of Recall.

Get your creatures on water or earth, either works. Why? Because you don't really care about the creatures, you just want the chain. Whatever you get chained up first, pump up the matching creature. Swamp Spawn on blue, Hypno Sloth on green. And keep your opponent moving 0-1 spots every turn. I cannot stress this enough. If you can afford it, do it. Remember, with Iron Idol down, they aren't going to be able to rocket around the board, but you want to keep moving 3-5x faster than they are. It is a huge advantage, especially late game.

Once you get a solid money base (from lapping and Land Drain) start leveling creatures that are boosted. You can trade the idols away when you get a couple down (and always put it down, you never know when they will land on one or Paralyze one) if they have something appealing out or if you need to trade back for one of your creatures.

If you're debating whether to level a territory or slow your opponent down, chose the latter. Leveling up is generally best when you have Revelation on, second turn, after you've Holy Word 0'ed your opponent. Then you can level up whatever you want. I'm telling you, patience is key.

Quicksand is great for when they are coming around your level 5 whatever with 100HP. You have your Gaseous Form in hand, they are going to pay. You're gonna make them pay more than once, of course, but they are going to pay. You know they are going to roll over it (because of Iron Idol).

Word of Recall is the key to keeping people from getting a lap bonus. The larger the map, the better, of course. You run Permission because you have Word of Recall. Permission yourself, Word of Recall and get your lap bonus + you get the effect of one of your creatures.

If they drop the idol that negates territory abilities, well, you have three Paralyzers.

If you do decide to run this deck, be prepared for people to quit (happens 75% of the time). You have to be dedicated to keeping your opponent on the slow move, even if it keeps you poor. Very, very poor. I've had games where I had under 1000G for 20 rounds. I won in round 85, big. This forces the opponent to play at your speed and trust me, they aren't used to that. Generally the game is played at breakneck speed, but even super-fast land transfer decks stall when you're stuck moving 1 space a turn and never getting lap bonuses.

Red Cap decks? Well, they flood the board with Goblins and pay you through the teeth when you nail them with Land Drain.

But, I have to stress again, keep them moving slowly. That is more important than anything else. If you start getting greedy, you're going to give your opponent an opening. You give them that, and you lose your control over them. Sure, there may be a few turns where they get the advantage of rolling whatever Iron Idol gives them, or a one-shot Haste, but you have to minimize that. It's a fun, fun deck if you have the patience for it. But, it definitely makes the game much longer.

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