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HungryEyes (NRGY, 14/3/33)

In response to April, here's my PE deck. It's not called HungryEyes for real, but now you all have that bad song stuck in your head, don't you? It just doesn't have a good name, and Picnic was already taken. I've had people tell me it's the best PE deck they've faced, but they probably haven't faced April's. Hers looks to be more versatile/offensive minded. My PE deck is definitely a gimmick deck and has to be used on a very large map. I've used it once in league play where I beat Andy in, was it Season 3? 4? It works absolutely brilliantly on Rocket, and so-so on a few other larger maps.

1 Clay Idol
3 Fay
1 Hell Pyron
2 Lichenoid
2 Garuda
1 Lord of Bane
4 Powder Eater

1 Plate Mail
2 Wind Shield

2 Acid Rain
1 Chariot
3 Fat Body
4 Feast
2 Goblin's Lair
1 Paralyzer
3 Permission
3 Prophecy
2 Reincarnation
1 Relief
2 Replace
4 Revelation
2 Spirit Walk
1 Trade
2 Wind of Hope

Like AngryEyes, this deck doesn't bother with the typical Lunatic Light/Phantasm nonsense that so many PE decks are preoccupied with. I just find it takes too long to set that stuff up and it's too inviting of cards like Poison Mind/Suppression/Crusher. Instead, the aim is to fill the board as quickly as possible with as many PEs as possible, popping Feast for hundreds of G at a time. Depending on my opponent's strategy, I either hoard G for a big finish or dump money into symbols before leveling up. Usually it's a mix of both.

Buffing up the PEs is incidental. I tend to pick two or three PEs to focus on the buffing, but I spread the little buggers around the board with extreme prejudice, even before their stats are buffed. Honestly, once the PEs are at 41 to 61 HP and have an ST of 20 or more, they're good to go. At 61 HP, they can't usually be killed unless the opponent equips an item, and with 40 ST and Lord of Bane on the board, they'll do 60 damage, enough to kill most things after a couple of repeated invasions

Garudas are there in the event I need someone to do some heavy lifting or hold a land. Replace is handy both for getting Garuda or Lord of Bane out early, and getting rid of any buffed PEs that might be acquired via Trade.

Hell Pyron is useful because those little PEs die a lot. (I might even be guilty of marching some off to the slaughter to boost the dead creature count.) I don't some other fool with Hell Pyron to reap the benefit of their noble sacrifice.

As I was writing this, I decided to dust off the deck. I ended up winning a three-player match with it, the first time I've tried this deck in that set-up. It was kind of a lucky win, though, because when I hit the castle, one other player had more G than me. The match was also unusual in that I only drew one HP-buffing card the whole game. And I used it on Fay, then leveled her up in hopes the leader would land on her before hitting the castle. (He did, knocking him back under the TG goal temporarily.)

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Last Updated on Wednesday, 15 May 2013 08:48

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