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(HoF) Infection (NY, 21/10/19)

*Warning: this deck comes with instructions. If you don't like reading, you may find the deck hard to use and I suggest you just ignore it. If you don't mind listening to the ranting of an old player, then read on and enjoy.* ;-)

3 Granite Idol
2 Possession
3 Centaur/Stymphalides
3 Garuda
3 Gremlin
2 Holy Llama
2 Pegasus
3 Powder Eater

3 Spectre's Robe
3 Storm Armor
4 Wind Shield

2 Chariot
3 Fame
2 Find
3 Haste
2 Paralyzer
2 Revelation
2 Telegnosis
3 Trade

Back in Season 4 of the league I terrorized the competition with this deck. I managed to rack up a 10+ game win streak in league using variations of this concept. I was also able to win within 15 to 20 rounds with this deck. The standard with PE decks is to buff them up with Lichenoid, Fat Body, or Mutation and put buffed-up PE's all over the map. As you can see, I don't have any such cards in this deck. What you will find here is several combinations of cards that allow you to deal with any situation that comes your way.

First priority is to get as many yellow creatures in as many places on the field as possible. That means PE's, Centaur/Stymphalides, Pegasus, and Holy Llama. If you are not putting a yellow creature down, you are spreading those PE's. There are several reasons for this. One is to power up Garuda and Storm Armor. Another is to make sure that you have "sleeper agents" all over the field ready to strike at your opponent's key creatures when your opponent thinks he/she is safe. With Storm Armor and Spectre's Robe, even the 1/1 PE can deliver a deathblow to the unprotected creature. The last reason is to set up a Pegasus on a out-of-reach land then level it up to 5 as quickly as possible.

The true evil nature of this deck becomes apparent when you notice the Possessions and Trades. Trade is especially interesting when you trade away a PE. Usually you do this right before you walk over the aforementioned PE so you can move one of your own PE's to attack the traded one. 1/1 PE (opponent) on defense gets cremated by a 11/1 PE on offense. Either your opponent defends a PE and wastes an item or lets it die and allows you to steal his/her monster for 100G (the cost of Trade). One possibility is that your opponent starts spreading his newly acquired PE's and while he can increase his own chains he is also contributing to his own demise - since both Garuda and Storm Armor are based on the number of Air creatures on the field, he/she is only making you deck more effective.

In this deck, a level 5 Pegasus is the scariest thing you will ever land on. It is Untargetable/Attacks First/Neutralizes Scrolls. This means that you can either kill you opponent first with the robe/armor or use Wind Shield and watch as you neutralize any attempt at an attack. This is one of the few creatures that can survive a Tengu+Nuclear Fusion unscathed.

This deck is relatively cheap and survives an Ivory Idol + Waste + WoR without too much worry. The only viable counter to this deck is Mass Damage and since the only viable MD deck I've seen is Peluda + Hive Workers, so it's a pretty moot point. This deck has treated me well and since I won't be able to participate in the next league I thought his would inspire someone.

Special thanks to Andy for beating me so bad in our first S4 match that I created this beast. Also special thanks to FOM. He was the first one to show me how effective PE is all by itself.

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