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(HoF) OMFG (NY, 14/7/29)

Fair warning: This deck may demoralize your opponent to the point that he/she surrenders and quits the match before the goal is reached. Yes, seriously - two different opponents in Season 4 did.

4 Sanctum Guard
1 Lightning Dragon
1 Lord of Bane
4 Nike
4 Tengu

2 Boomerang
2 Counter Amulet
1 Nuclear Fusion
2 Soul Ray

2 Chariot
3 Crusher
4 Gift
4 Hunter's Song
1 Mass Phantasm
3 Paralyzer
3 Permission
1 Revival
4 Weathering
4 Wind of Hope

Where it works best: My home map in Season 4 was X, so this version is highly tuned for that map. It also works extremely well on any other very small map: Santana Village, Colosseum, Second Morning.

Where it doesn't work well: Any mid-size map or larger (too much territory to dominate), and maps with more than one area (too hard to be opportunistic).

How to play it: The game plan is a bit more sinister than you'd think. The goal isn't just to set them up with Nike, then pounce with Sanctum Guard and Tengu - it's also to strip their land out from under them and methodically change the entire map into Air land at the same time. 4x Weathering combined with 4x Gift and 4x Wind of Hope (with 4x Hunter's Song providing the financing) virtually ensures the map is like the Sahara in very short order.

Keep the pressure on constantly, to help Tengu survive (a stationary Tengu is a dead Tengu) and to keep the G rolling in with Hunter's Song. Find nice, relatively-quiet places for Lord of Bane (to amplify the destruction) and Lightning Dragon (for zapping those pesky Support creatures) and enjoy the carnage.

This deck lost only once in Season 4, and that was to Russel09's very similar blue-yellow deck that had a whole lot more items than OMFG did (I still have no idea how he crammed so many into 1 deck!) and as you might expect, Weathering doesn't do a whole lot of good if your opponent wants yellow land!

Why "OMFG"? That was my outburst when I first tested a prototype of this - it absolutely demolished everything I threw at it - human Cepters, AI Cepters, my own decks created to specifically counter it... it killed all.

Hilarious true story: A short time after I built this, I made a Fire equivalent using Chimera, Volcanic Dragon, and Fay. I tried it out on April at X, and she used OMFG FU. At round 50, it was only ~1100TG to ~800TG (I don't remember who was ahead), and the map's 16 lands were a pretty even split between red and yellow - but were mostly vacant, as we were both Charioting all over the place, killing each other's creatures at will. Somewhere near round 65, I hit up Hell Pyron for at least 1200G (it might have been more). At roughly round 75, it was still close to 1000 TG apiece (and yes, Pyron's 1200+G was long gone by then), when the game disconnected. Apparently, it threw in the towel. :-D

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Last Updated on Wednesday, 15 May 2013 08:48

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