(HoF) Magma (RG, 19/6/25)

This is version 4.0 of the deck that ripped through Season 2 of the league like a warm knife through butter. (And that's no exaggeration - it even managed to get past FOM's legendary "The Deck"!) I never thought I'd post this (it's my baby), but folks in the chat thought the community would enjoy it greatly. So, enjoy!

4 Barbarian
2 Tokebi
2 Sakuya
4 Crimson Vine
3 Jack-o'-Lantern
4 Magma Avatar

2 Fire Shield
4 Magma Armor

2 Backward
2 Banishing Ray
3 Crusher
2 Fairy Light
3 Fame
2 Holy Word 2
2 Holy Word 3
2 Land Drain
2 Mass Phantasm
1 Telegnosis
4 Wind of Hope

Where it works best: My group in Season 2 had a choice between X and Colosseum II... everyone wanted to play on Colosseum II, so that's what this deck is highly optimized for. This also works very well on Alcyon, Dinar Mts., Kaningun, Melkizekiah, and Phoenixion - all mid-size maps with a decent amount of G.

Where it doesn't work well: Any small map, as there's not enough space to grab enough land to make Avatar effective (pb49er beat the snot outta me on X in Season 4 with a Support deck), any low-G map (12/19 creatures are 90G or more), and any large map, as the deck's brute strength is wasted and overrun by cheap-creature decks that seek to flood the map.

How to play it: As you might've already guessed just by the cards in it, the whole idea is to grab any and every red and green land you can get your hands on, preferably as soon as possible. The immediate creatures make this process faster; the dual-element creatures make the land easier to hang onto. It really doesn't need many items (which is why there's only 6). Fire Shield is there to thwart those pesky Instant Death creatures (especially Dhampir), Magma Armor is there for Hulk-force offense and so you can laugh at scrolls (which it pretty much does anyway). The spells are mainly focused on funding this G-suck of a deck, enough movement to take advantage of the deck's incredible power (on offense and on defense), and enough lube to keep everything flowing right along.

For the most part, it wins by just plain wearing your opponent out. Crimson Vine and Jack-o'-Lantern do a magnificent job of forcing your opponent to use up his/her item supply. Also, Barbarian is a terrific opportunistic invader - heck, even Tokebi and Sakuya are brutal invaders with Magma Armor. Magma Avatar? Well... I once took out a buffed-up Spiny Agama on a level 5 Earth land that was using a Catapult... Avatar thought the massive return hit kinda tickled. ;-)

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Last Updated on Wednesday, 15 May 2013 12:48

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