Bad Intentions (NRB, 28/0/22)

3 Bandit
2 Beast Gear
2 Borgess
4 Colossus
4 Ground Gear
2 Living Mirror
4 Sky Gear
2 Burning Titan
3 Death Scythe
2 Quicksilver

3 Chariot
1 Cleanse
4 Crusher/Crusher Storm
2 Find
4 Hunter's Song
2 Intrusion
2 Paralyzer
1 Relief
3 Teleport

Bad Intentions is a simple book to run; the idea is to kill anything in your path and make money while doing it. You will most likely get a Gearion at some point during the game, and that would be a good time to clone with Quicksilver. Just never lose sight that aggression is key with this book.

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Mountain Leap 360
Transports user to nearest land within the area. User cannot roll the die this turn.

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