(HoF) Lunacy (NG, 20/6/24)

2 Brass Idol
4 Lunatic Hare
2 Brontides
3 Cockatrice
2 Rock Shell
1 Sakuya
2 Spiny Agama
2 Spud Folk
2 Venomouspore

2 Boomerang
2 Gaseous Form
2 Ring of the Succubus

3 Chariot
4 Cramp
2 Debility
1 Fame
2 Fat Body
3 Hunter's Song
2 Intrusion
2 Lunatic Light
1 Relief
1 Revival
1 Sculpture
2 Teleport

This book is near to my heart because I have been working on it for so long. I maintain that the Lunatic Hare is the most offensive creature in the game and this book proves it. The idea is to get the ST of all the creatures on the board to zero and letting the Hares loose. Cockatrice is a nice backup because your Hares will die fast; people seem to hate them for some reason. The cool thing about the Hare is that if someone uses Gaseous Form or Counter Amulet against him, they die automatically! Also of note, Fat Body, Mutation, or any other HP-raising effect don't mean anything. Fay can give this book trouble, so be sure to kill her on sight.

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Card of the Moment

Jade Idol 360
ST:0 HP:20 MHP:20
Item Limit:
Defensive / Global Ability: All territories are prevented from undergoing land transformation via spells or territory abilities and are immune to effects that lower land levels.

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