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Lead Feet (NRB, 19/7/24)

Here's a deck I've had some success with in FFA play. It's a little bit of a fluid deck, with lots of cards cycling in and out based on whim, but this is the current build.

4 Lead Idol
2 Living Mirror
2 Cait Sith
4 Conjurer
2 Hyde
2 Luk-Oie
3 Sea Bonze

2 Gaseous Form
2 Nuclear Fusion
2 Sleep
1 Soul Ray

1 Banishing Ray
1 Chariot
1 Crusher
2 Exile
3 Fame
2 Intrusion
2 Land Protection
2 Manna
3 Paralyzer
2 Replace
1 Telegnosis
2 Telekinesis
2 Trade

This deck is designed around two principles: Having untargetable creatures my opponents can't mess with, and locking down the board with Lead Idol. It's quite the slow-building deck, so I tend to play it mostly in 3- or 4-player free-for-all matches, although I've had some success with a modified version in head-to-head play.

In the early game, I tend to do my best to litter the board with creatures without much regard to color matching. (This is done to minimize the discarding of useful spells). If I can get a land-protected Sea Bonze early or a Cait Sith on a red land, I'll start leveling that up to 2 or 3 so I can earn G from casting Fame. But this deck works best once I get a Lead Idol or two down. Ideally, I play this deck on a large, multi-area map like Grave Canyon, so I can get idols down in out-of-the-way spots. Once I have them in place, I start trading them away, paralyzing my opponents' creatures (with Hyde and Paralyzer both), Charioting, Intruding etc. My favorite move is using Telekinesis or Exile to move opponents off of high-level land, then capturing that land with Conjurer's ability to summon Ba-Al to any vacant territory. I also like to intrude with the Conjurer and his Scroll Critical Hit ability. And if you're up against Volcanic Dragon, nothing's more fun than intruding with Living Mirror.

Replace becomes an incredibly useful card when Lead Idol is out. You can rearrange your own creatures or use it to replace opponents' creatures on high-level lands with something less threatening.

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Last Updated on Wednesday, 15 May 2013 08:48

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