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(HoF) Picnic (R, 19/6/25)

4 Fay
2 Hell Pyron
3 Hive Queen
4 Hive Worker
3 Peluda
3 Tokebi

3 Fire Shield
3 Magma Armor

2 Acid Rain
1 Desert Storm
2 Drain Magic
3 Fame
1 Find
2 Influence
3 Insect Swarm
2 Mass Growth
4 Revelation
2 Telegnosis
3 Zap

This is one in a long line of "Ant" decks I used to run back in the day. Basic strategy involves getting Hive Workers on the board while terrorizing you opponent with "concentrated" damage. Mass damage has gotten a bad rap in this game so I opted for a less provocative description. Anyway, I find that your opponent will be so preoccupied with saving dying creatures and targeting Peluda with all his hostile spells that he will neglect his growing insect problem. On larger maps, it's often better to wound a large number of monsters than it is to kill them, since a wounded monster is more frustrating than a dead one, though if your opponent is running something along the lines of Mothman+Goblin, feel free to terminate with extreme prejudice and watch Hell Pyron pay you for your hard work. :-D

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Last Updated on Wednesday, 15 May 2013 08:48

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