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Chaos (N, 17/9/24)

4 Baldanders
4 Doppelganger
1 Gold Idol
2 Ivory Idol
2 Possession
4 Shapeshifter

1 Blaster Ray
2 Eagle Rapier
1 Ring of the Succubus
1 Sling
3 Spectre's Robe
1 Tonfa

2 Fairy Light
1 Find
3 Gift
2 Paralyzer
4 Polymorph
1 Reflection
2 Replace
1 Revelation
1 Revival
1 Telegnosis
1 Theft
1 Trade
1 Waste
3 Wind of Hope

This is another fun deck. It's completely random. If there's a creature on the board you don't like... Polymorph them. If your Shapeshifter didn't morph to something acceptable, Polymorph them.

The First Attack items really assist Doppelganger and Baldanders as land holders. The fact that each of your creatures costs practically nothing to cast, Ivory Idol is a backbreaker for your opponent. Who wants to invade a Baldanders when it'll cost them 200g and they still might not be able to pull it off? Speaking of Baldanders, why not invade a territory when he only costs 10G and just might pull it off, depending on what he changes to?

Try it out, great fun.

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Last Updated on Wednesday, 15 May 2013 08:48

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