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(HoF) Give & Take (NY, 14/7/29)

1 Armored Dragon
2 Centaur
3 Gremlin
3 Leprechaun
1 Lightning Dragon
1 Lord of Bane
1 Sphinx
2 Tengu

2 Catapult
2 Storm Armor
3 Stormcauser

1 Banishing Ray
1 Chariot
1 Fat Body
3 Foresight
2 Illness
2 Intrusion
2 Mass Phantasm
4 Mesozoic Song
3 Reflection
1 Refuge
2 Temperance
1 Theft
2 Weathering
4 Wind of Hope

Give & Take is one of the most convoluted decks I have. It's odd, bizarre and fun all wrapped up into one.

It heavily utilizes Mesozoic Song with Gremlin and Leprechaun. Gremlin shatters their item, turns into a 50/60 T.Rex and then equips Stormcauser or Storm Armor for extreme effect. Leprechaun throws a Stormcauser at them, then turns into a T.Rex, making it much more plausible to take land with him.

The other significant factor with this deck is that it effectively neutralizes all items, Support, and otherwise that your opponent may bring to the pass. Nothing short of Sage, Archbishop, Kris, and Vestment can survive the onslaught this deck brings. Counter Amulets and Gaseous Forms are worthless. Watch as your opponent growls in frustration as your Mesozoic Song-using Gremlin with Stormcauser Intrusion invades their level 5 territory right as they're about to pass the castle.

One of my favorite aspects of this deck is Leprechaun and Reflection. Leprechaun has a prerequisite so Exile is a no-go to dislodge him. Of course, Magic Bolt would kill him pretty easily, but the risk is worth it in my opinion. If you want him to last a bit longer on the board, Fat Body is there to keep him from immediately dying due to direct damage. The best part about Leprechaun and Reflection is that he's nearly invincible in combat. So long as you have an item in hand that isn't a scroll, you can essentially overwrite anything they have in their hand and guarantee damage to get reflected back at them. Frost Beast and Volcanic Dragon are especially taken out of the picture with Stormcauser.

This deck is a blast. It takes a bit of time to get the feel of it, and once you've created your first G. Rex (Gremlin Rex), you'll never go back!

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Last Updated on Wednesday, 15 May 2013 08:48

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