Symbol Deck (N, 7/0/43)

After running into Whooh's Taxman deck online when it seemed like everyone was geared up to stop him, I thought I'd post my build of a straight-symbol deck here. It differs a little bit from Whooh's creature-less deck, as I throw in a few idols and pack a few cards designed to slow down my opponent. I tend to favor my deck on Zanador, while Whooh's works best on Mt. Etumer.

3 Brass Idol
2 Ebony Idol
2 Marble Idol

4 Aurora
3 Banishing Ray
1 Comet
3 Corruption
1 Crusher
1 Desert Storm
1 Fairy Light
4 Grace
1 Innocence
2 Land Drain
4 Manna
3 Peace
4 Permission
4 Poison Mind
2 Revival
2 Subsidence
2 Suppression
1 Trespass

The reasons including Brass Idol are obvious, as it helps me cycle through the deck and get the cards I want faster. Suppression and Poison Mind are designed to keep my opponent from carrying cards that can hurt me and help tip the scales in my favor when it comes to who benefits more from the Brass Idol. Additionally, in the late game, I tend to destroy my own Brass Idol with Banishing Ray, once I've built a big lead and want to slow down the game. (Whooh's deck uses Wind of Hope and Reincarnation to accomplish the same card advantage.)

Ebony Idol is handy in that it slows down Land Transfer (Tokebi) decks. With constant leveling and sacrificing of land, those little buggers can really make symbol values fluctuate wildly. Ebony Idol also shuts down a number of creatures that can hurt symbol decks, such as Lord of Bane and Dancing Doll.

Marble Idol is primarily in there to keep my opponent from flooding the map with creatures. The fewer tolls I have to worry about, the quicker I can win.

Peace is useful, both so that I can avoid paying tolls and so that I can protect my idols if I get a sense my opponent isn't packing Banishing Ray or Magic Bolt.

Like this deck and want to build your own like it?

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Last Updated on Wednesday, 15 May 2013 08:48

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