(HoF) FEMA (-, 0/0/50)

1 Acid Rain
4 Aurora
1 Comet
1 Corruption
2 Crusher
1 Desert Storm
2 Drain Magic
2 Echo
3 Fairy Light
4 Grace
2 Insect Swarm
2 Land Drain
4 Permission
3 Poison Mind
1 Refuge
2 Reincarnation
1 Revival
1 Sculpture
2 Suppression
3 Tempest
1 Theft
2 Triumph
3 Wind of Hope
2 Word of Recall

If you have not read my Symbols Guide… I highly recommend it before attempting to use either Taxman or FEMA.

Taxman likes to play a game separate from the other Cepters. Quietly chugging along, benefitting off the hard work of its opponent while keeping itself more or less aloof to the back and forth of more conventional decks. FEMA is the large rich kid that bullies everybody at school. It plays its own game, but it also wants to take your lunch along with your lunch money.

This is NOT a nice deck. It will NOT make you any friends. You WILL become public enemy #1 quickly. It uses a lot of the same concepts of Taxman; Grace in order to immediately benefit from cashing in on Temple purchases, Permission to quickly lap and reinvest your G into more symbols, Echo to immediately boost your coffers after a Temple run, Aurora to boost symbol value through the roof, Triumph to boost your lap bonus through the roof. You know, the non-invasive aspects that Taxman thrives on.

FEMA sacrifices the speed and flexibility of Taxman and adopts mass damage to influence the match as it sees fit. It’s slower and more expensive but brutal in execution. Acid Rain wipes out pesky idols. Comet is there to set straight any errant Cepter that refuses to boost the symbols you’ve invested in, or gets too close to finishing the match without your permission.

Desert Storm prevents your opponent from leveling long enough for you to invest in their property’s symbols and act as either a deterrent or a dare for them to level once the spell has expired. It also serves to overwrite troublesome enchants like Quicksand or Greed. This serves well to slow down your opponent’s enough to set yourself up for whatever combos you need.

This is not an easy deck to run. It takes a skilled hand to manage your funds enough to do what you want to do. Taxman could jump off with as little as 30G in hand and an opportunistic Grace. You can’t invest as wholesale with FEMA. Keeping at least 200G in hand for a Tempest while near enough a money source to follow up with an Insect Swarm in order to wipe the board is crucial.

On top of that, know WHEN to do your mass damage. Don’t blow up a Tempest immediately when it hits your hand. You may even want to discard it until a more opportune time. Keeping it hand can be dangerous when your opponent is running Crusher (almost always) or Suppression. Wait until you have an Insect Swarm BEFORE you start the mass damage game. If you use Tempest too soon, you run the risk of your opponent healing their creatures with a lap bonus and giving them just enough HP to stay on the board. Most creatures in Saga have MHP40 or lower. You have zero invasion in this deck, a creature with 1 HP will still make you pay their toll so make your damage count.

Pay attention to where the leveled territories are and what elements they are. When you wipe the board, invest in symbols of those colors, so when your opponent, inevitably reclaims that territory, you get an astronomical boost.

Poison Mind EVERY TIME it shows up. This is critical in weeding out Corruption, Disbelief, Suppression etc. Suppression is great for axing these problem cards. I find a certain poetic justice in Suppressing Suppression, just saying.

I’ve very rarely brought FEMA out to play. It is a discouraging deck that only serves to kill everything indiscriminately. It’s not fun to play against and if you choose to use it, put yourself in your opponent’s shoes first. Keep it classy.

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Last Updated on Monday, 10 April 2017 08:09

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