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Support creatures rule! Imagine an item that gives you +70ST and +10HP and only costs 40G. Sounds broken, eh? That's what a Death Scythe costs, and if you're running a Support deck, that's what it is - an item. You don't even have to worry about its card requirement. Support creatures are immune to Crusher and Crusher Storm, almost all your "items" boost both ST and HP, and best of all, they are cheap! And so are their "items" if you've picked them sensibly.

Support creatures let you use otherwise crummy cards like Golem to good effect. The much-maligned Statue becomes a +50HP shield for 20G. It's better than a Petrify Stone because it doesn't replace your hit points - it adds to them. You don't even lose your attack. Even the idiotic Gemoid becomes as good as a Living Spear, and it's free. Not that I recommend putting Gemoids in your deck, you understand.

Obviously, most Support decks are Green-based, because Green has six easily-used Support creatures. In light of this, it's nice that the only Support creature with a land requirement (Grimalkin) is, in fact, green. This means you can easily include useful Support creatures from other colors (like Bloody Pudding). (Yes, I know Brontides and Armed Princess have land requirements, but it's unlikely you'll be using them as conventional creatures.) It is also possible to build a neutral Support deck, relying on the various Gears.

In a Support-oriented deck when picking your "items" you can ignore land requirements. For example, Mutitan, used in Support, acts as a +50/+60 for 70G. Normally, you wouldn't include Mutitan in a mostly-green deck. But in a Support deck, he can be useful.

Creatures that degrade over time, such as Statue, Colossus, Golem, Burning Titan, and Weretiger, are potentially valuable in a Support deck, because their disadvantages no longer apply. Some of these can be played situationally in the early game, before they deteriorate, and you just need to get some lands down - planning to trade them out later.

Commentary and List of Creatures

Bandit - I have never been sorry I had a Bandit in my deck. Even if he is tragically killed, I figure I'm only out the 20G it cost to summon him. And usually he earns far more money than he costs. Plus he kind of reminds me of my beloved Uncle Jim.

Ground Gear - only Brontides and Androgear have more MHP among Support creatures.

Sky Gear - he is neat as the only Attacks First Support creature who is easy to use. The other two are Androgear and Armed Princess which are hard to get out in a hurry.

Trojan Horse - one of the better offensive Support creatures in the game. Suddenly, a Mutitan becomes the near-equivalent of a Nuclear Fusion scroll if no neutralize/reflect effects or abilities are present. However, Grimalkin is better against level 1 lands, and equal against level 2, so he's really only worthwhile if you're hitting a big land.

Androgear - He is not really a basic Support creature. I include him here for completeness. If you are going for a neutral Support deck, however, you may eventually have several of these around the board, and they make terrific land holders and attackers.

Sharazad - her ability is unexciting, but she is the only red Support creature in the game.

Bloody Pudding - one of the finest creatures in the game. Plus unlike other Support creatures, once he's placed, he often has enough MHP to survive Magic Bolt or two. Or Insect Swarms.

Brontides - I did a double-take when I realized this behemoth was a Support creature. Since your deck is probably mostly green, his land requirements shouldn't hurt much.

Dryad - she's not first-rate, but she can grab green lands which might come in handy early on.

Grimalkin - a fantastic creature. Her only weakness is her land requirement, and in fact her existence is a main reason you want a Support deck to be green, so you can play her early and often.

Odradek - another fantastic creature, as I think everyone knows. He's immune to those spells like Freeze Cyclone which kill off your precious Grimalkins.

Sage - a useful antidote to Gremlin and The Hand, the banes of Support decks.

Squirrine - a very basic Support creature, whom you'd include if you didn't have enough other Support creatures available yet. I like this card more than it deserves, because it reminds me of a ferret. And I like ferrets.

Woodfolk - A basic creature for use in beginning decks only. He does have a pretty good attack for a Support creature though.

Armed Princess - unbelievably good, but like Androgear, I've included her only for completeness, since she's not really a creature you're likely to be using on a regular basis.

Special Considerations

Support decks are a paradox - you wind up with a deck based on extremely powerful creatures who are really puny outside battle. This weakness is part of the attraction - they are inexpensive. But this means that cards with special boosts vs. weak critters disproportionately affect them, so I've included such cards in the analysis below.

Cards Weak vs. Support Creatures

Cait Sith, Sylph, Knight, Knight's Shield, and Vorpal Sword are not good vs. a Support deck, since only a handful of Support creatures have stats high enough to trigger their special effects. Technically, Rahab and Cherub also fall into this category, but when would you see them?

Important: Bloody Pudding's MHP can grow high enough to be affected by these. On the other hand, if you have a Bloody Pudding with 50+MHP, and a Supporting creature on top, the Knight's critical attack isn't going to save him.

Scrolls are appallingly weak vs. Support creatures. It's hard not to get your HP above 45 with Support, so most scrolls totally fail to kill you.

Cards Strong vs. Support Creatures

Cards that nuke you from orbit, like Lightning Dragon, Frost Needle, Venomous Boil, etc. are your enemy, because of your generally low MHP. I recommend Crusher, Poison Mind, Bookworm, Cloud Gizmo, etc. to prevent this.

Thief - Good luck taking her out without resorting to Paralyzer or Sage. On the other hand, she only does 20 damage.

Aqualing - he (she?) neutralizes all your likely Support creatures. Use a scroll.

Angostura - he is a problem, but at least he won't attack you. Just avoid him.

Blitz Raven - a joke most of the time. He'll critical-hit you, but with a half-decent Support creature and a land bonus you should be able to laugh it off.

Gremlin -what a jerk. We hate him.

Leprechaun - we hate him too, but at least he has to pay an item to kill our Support creature.

Samurai - offensively, he'll kill you 60% of the time. When he's defending, you'll kill him before he gets a chance. Beware first-attacking Samurai.

Buckler is good vs. most Support creatures, but who has it in their deck?

Gremlin Tooth - I don't really fear this much - each Gremlin Tooth he plays means one less Counter Amulet in his deck.

The Hand - on the other Hand (ha ha), this is bad news. At least Crusher Storm kills it.

Revolt - this bumps up all your crappy little 20-30 MHP Support critters to 40MHP, if you were wise enough to cast a mass enchantment first (other than Mass Phantasm). That 40MHP makes a big difference, because suddenly you are no longer vulnerable to all those irritating cards which target 30MHP creatures.

Sculpture - we hate this. Try to get Revolt off before he turns your Grimalkins into garden decorations.

Special Cases

Bia - She does not belong here. I mention her to clarify that she does not get her bonus vs. a Support creature - only vs. support from adjacent territories. Now you know.

Creatures to Include in your Support Deck

Death Scythe - best attack in the game for 40G.

Fighter - only costs 40G, and is multipurpose. Think of it like a half-price Prismatic Wand that never fails.

Mutitan - 50/60 for 70G. The cheapest of the high-powered creatures.

Trample Weed - 20/60 for 30G. There is nothing better than the Trample Weed for simply adding cheap hit points to a Support creature.

Venomouspore - 10/50 for a mere 10G.

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