Culdcept Formulae Cheat Sheet

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Land value
Base Value x 2^(Lv-1) x Cm, where Lv is the level of the land, and Cm is the chain multiplier.

Land toll
Land Value x Tm, where Tm is the toll multiplier.

Chain multiplier (Cm)
Cm = x1 for a 1-chain, x1.5 for a 2-chain, x1.8 for a 3-chain, x2 for a 4-chain, x2.2 for a 5-chain or higher.

Toll modifier (Tm)
Tm = x0.2 for level 1 land, x0.3 for level 2, x0.4 for a level 3, x0.6 for a level 4, x0.8 for a level 5 land.

Base Symbol Value of color X in area Y
In area Y, number of starting lands of color X / 40.

Symbol Value of color X in area Y (Vs)
Base Symbol Value + (Total Land Value of color X - Base Symbol Value) / 100

Total Symbol Value color X in area Y
Symbol Value x N, where N is the number of symbols of color X in area Y.

Lap Bonuses
Base Bonus = Default MP + [ Default MP / 10 x (Number of Lap(s) - 1) ]G
Land Bonus = Number of lands possessed x 20G
Symbol Bonus = Value of symbols owned / 10G
(One is only awarded the symbol bonus if they own the most symbols of a particular color in an area)

Geomorphic Changing Cost
Neutral/Multi Element land : Cost = [ land level x 100 ]G
Fire/Water/Earth/Air Element land : Cost = [ land level x 100 + 200 ]G

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Exile 360
Returns 1 creature with Enchantment and no summoning conditions to owner's hand.

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