Creature ST & HP Breakdown

I was messing around with a Baldanders deck and I made a list of exactly the range of ST and HP that exist in Culdcept Saga, so I'd know what I had a chance to turn up. The list is far from perfect (for instance, I wasn't sure how to rate a Manticore or other changeable beings), but it at least gives a rough idea.

I didn't include one-of-a-kind E creatures, since Baldanders, Shapeshifter, Protean Ring, and Polymorph don't create those. I covered 244 creatures.

So, for example, if you are hoping for a creature with an ST of at least 20 (to take out an idol, for instance), looking at the stats below, you will learn that there is a 22% chance of getting an ST less than 20. For what it's worth, I counted Powder Eater as a 0 ST, 10 HP, since an ST of 1 is really as good as a 10 (and an ST of 1 is as bad as a 0).

ST # of creatures % of total
0 37 15%
10 17 7%
20 61 25%
30 55 24%
40 39 16%
50 24 10%
60 7 3%
70 4 2%
HP # of creatures % of total
10 7 3%
20 34 14%
30 79 29%
40 61 25%
50 37 15%
60 23 9%
70 4 2%

Last Updated on Wednesday, 15 May 2013 12:48

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