Achievements Guide

Note: Many of these achievements will not be unlocked if you Suspend a match and then resume it.

Culdcept Saga has 50 achievements for a total of 1000 points.

New Champion (5)
Rise to the pinnacle of the Colosseum.

Chances are, you already have this one. But if you don't, all you need to do to earn it is defeat Markt in the Colosseum III battle in Story Mode. Of course, this means you'll have already defeated Rilara at Santana Village, Koenig at Colosseum, and Pondon at Colosseum II - all are pushovers.


Ally of Earth (5)
Form an alliance with Melkizekiah, the Great Forest.

The 4 elemental Story Mode achievements can be done in any order, and this one is probably the easiest. Meltia doesn't use spells at all, so tailor your deck to exploit this.


Ally of Fire (5)
Form an alliance with Phoenixion, Mountain of the Firebird.

Borival's deck features relatively strong offense (for this early in Story Mode), and several infuriatingly resilient land-holding creatures. Fight fire with fire by building your own cohesive Fire deck and as many anti-Fire items and spells as possible. Include movement spells to use the 2 warps to your advantage.


Ally of Water (5)
Form an alliance with Blumeer, Country of Mist.

Two key obstacles to overcome here. The first is the map itself - it plays very much like twin Santana Villages, so be sure to bring lots of movement spells to help you escape those high tolls. The second is Krone's deck - it's focused on ruining your land-taking ability via neutralization, item destruction, and direct damage. Paralyzer, creatures with a Paralysis Attack Bonus, and Hyde all make this battle a whole lot easier.


Ally of Air (5)
Form an alliance with Batuan, the Golden Desert.

Use an Air-focused deck with mostly Attacks First creatures and this should be a walk in the park. If you don't, Wongen will walk all over you. Concentrate on dominating the straight strip by the castle - the lower area's layout makes it too easy to avoid high tolls. This is also a great place to utilize Mirage, which the AI has an incredibly hard time dealing with.


First Trial Clear (10)
Pass the trial of Venice, Fountain of the Stars.

Meet Fontaciel and her Storm deck - which is tuned for Venice very, very well. She will avoid your high tolls with ease, so beat her at her own game: focus on cutting the laps in half whenever possible with Permission and try to dominate the 4 lands right by the castle. Use the 12 morphing lands to your advantage, and don't be fooled into thinking this map is Water-heavy... it's equally balanced for all 4 elements.


Second Trial Clear (10)
Pass the trial of Kaningun, Tower of the Moon.

At Kaningun, you face one of the toughest decks in the game, Flammefleur's "The 2nd". (His other deck, FireEarth, is even tougher!) He'll do his best to dominate the short way around the map, including the rotating bridge. Learn well how the bridge operates and take every opportunity to use it to make Flammefleur take the long way home. Invest in red and green symbols, and his land-leveling will help you to victory.


Third Trial Clear (10)
Pass the trial of Provedin, Palace of the Sun.

Ah, Rouetsoleil. He uses no items, but instead uses a very solid Neutral Support deck. He'll drop Ares and/or Poseidon; whichever benefits him most at the moment. Banishing Ray is a must here, as is Saint. And beware the warps - they can wreck your game in one jump.


Path to Light (20)
At the Altar of Light, become the ultimate Cepter.

If you can dominate the 8 lands to the left and right of the castle, you will probably get this achievement with ease. Toward that end, use lots of Permission and Word of Recall, skillfully buy symbols, and use Triumph to maximize your symbol-enhanced castle bonus.


Path to Darkness (20)
At the Altar of Darkness, become the ultimate Cepter.

The very small castle loop on Altar of Darkness means that a lap-based strategy will be unusually strong. Use terrain-changing spells and abilities to own the loop's 12 territories and watch the G roll in. The temple in the area provides a quick turnaround point and a convenient place to dump excess G.


Path to Blessing (20)
Upon the Stairway to the Gods, become the creator of a new world.

As with many other maps, the two paths to the castle are key here. Even better, you can use Holy Word to great effect by forcing the AI onto the upper warps, dramatically increasing the time it takes them to lap. Avoid big tolls around the two lower forts by looping around them in the opposite direction when necessary; it's a short detour that helps tremendously.


Master of Fire (20)
Obtain all Fire element creature cards besides E cards.

Master of Water (20)
Obtain all Water element creature cards besides E cards.

Master of Earth (20)
Obtain all Earth element creature cards besides E cards.

Master of Air (20)
Obtain all Air element creature cards besides E cards.

Creature Scholar (20)
Obtain all creature cards besides E cards.

Spell Scholar (20)
Obtain all spell cards besides E cards.

Item Scholar (20)
Obtain all item cards besides E cards.

Truth Seeker (20)
Obtain all cards besides E cards.

Worldly Scholar (20)
Obtain 500 cards.

Universal Scholar (30)
Obtain 1000 cards.

For all of the achievements in this section, just keep playing the game - you'll get them all eventually. Refer to the Reward Cards Chart if there is a particular type of card you're interested in acquiring more of.


Avid Collector (80)
Obtain all avatar parts.

Perhaps not the most difficult achievement in Culdcept Saga, but it's likely to take you the longest, with the possible exception of Legendary Cepter (200 online wins). Whooh05 has written a guide that discusses strategy for each avatar part in detail - you can read it here.


Fated Traveler (30)
Encounter all characters.

Completing Story Mode isn't enough to unlock this achievement. You'll also need to find the following three characters:
Goligan: Can be found by replaying "Dinar Mountains" in Story Mode.
Najaran: Can be found by replaying "Omengald" in Story Mode.
Zeneth: Can be found by replaying "Zanador" in Story Mode.
Note: It has been reported that these three can be found in other locations as well, and it seems to depend on your progress in the game. It won't take you long to find all three, no matter where they are.


Dragon Lord (30)
Achieve victory with all the dragons deployed at the same time.

You must have Armored Dragon, Volcanic Dragon, Deep-sea Dragon, Hardrock Dragon, Lightning Dragon, and Dragon Lord on the map at the moment of your victory to unlock this achievement. (You get Dragon Lord on the map by evolving Dragonewt via its Territory Ability). This may seem incredibly difficult, but three cards make it far more manageable: Gold Idol, Replace, and Goblin's Lair. Use the idol to eliminate the dragons' considerable summoning requirements and/or use Replace and Goblin's Lair to swap the dragons onto the map for Goblins. An ideal setup is in Versus Mode against Meltia with the goal set to 10,000G (or whatever you're comfortable with).


Machine Lord (40)
Achieve victory with three Gearions deployed at the same time.

Androgear ST:50 HP:50 MHP:50 G:200+
Item Limit:
Attacks First / Support / Neutralizes: Scroll attacks. / Transforms into Gearion if Beast Gear is used as Support.
Gearion ST:80 HP:80 MHP:80 G:250+
Item Limit:
Attacks First / Cannot be targeted by spells or territory abilities. / Neutralizes: Scroll attacks.

How to make a Gearion: Use Ground Gear and Sky Gear together via their Support ability in battle to morph into Androgear, and then use Androgear and Beast Gear together via Androgear's Support ability in battle to morph into Gearion. It's not an easy process to make one, let alone three. Don't worry though, there is a shortcut. Once you have created one Gearion, use Quicksilver's Territory Ability to morph him into Gearion, as Gearion will almost certainly be the creature on the map with the highest MHP (80).


Idol Lord (40)
Deploy all the idols at once.

You must have all 13 idols out: Basalt, Brass, Clay, Ebony, Gold, Granite, Iron, Ivory, Jade, Lead, Marble, Opal, and Silver. It's important to note that you don't have to win with all 13 on the map at the same time; they all just need to be on the map at the same time at some point during the match. A good strategy is to avoid putting Ivory and Marble down first, as they'll make placing the others more difficult. Zanador is absolutely perfect for this achievement - play against Meltia (so your idols don't get zapped), and head for the lower route right away. Chances are, she'll never even venture down to bother you.


Ogre Lord (20)
Achieve victory with all the ogres deployed at the same time.

You must have Ogre Lord, Red Ogre, Blue Ogre, Green Ogre, and Yellow Ogre on the map at the time of your victory. This is pretty easy to do, as the elemental ogres make Ogre Lord stronger. Also, Relief helps to get them onto like-colored land so they're more likely to survive.


King of Thieves (30)
Steal 300G or more of magic in one Bandit attack and achieve victory.

Bandit ST:20 HP:20 MHP:20 G:20
Support / Attack Bonus: Steals (damage dealt x2G) magic from opponent.

This means you need to inflict 150 points of damage or more. You're probably thinking, "How the @#$% can I get Bandit up to 150ST?" It's actually a whole lot easier than you might think. Simply flood the board with red creatures and use Magma Armor, or flood it with yellow creatures and use Storm Armor. You'll get +10ST for each red or yellow creature on the map for its corresponding armor, and since Bandit already has 20ST on his own, you only need 13 creatures down. That's pretty easy using Hive Queen and Hive Worker, and even easier using Powder Eater and Spirit Walk.


Chief of Goblins (30)
Raise Red Cap's ST and HP to 300 or higher during battle and achieve victory.

Red Cap ST:20 HP:40 MHP:40 G:50
In Battle: ST & HP= (number of Goblins in play x20). / Boost: ST & HP+20 to all Goblins.

Translation: Flood the map with Goblins using Goblin's Lair and then go pound something to dust with Red Cap. Once you get Red Cap beefed up that far, victory against the AI is virtually guaranteed.


Disciple of Justice (20)
Steal territory three times with Grass Strider and achieve victory.

Grass Strider ST:40 HP:40 MHP:40 G:250+
Attacks First / In Battle: ST+ (number of opponent's cards in hand x10).

Don't have any Grass Striders in your collection? That's OK, no one else does either. What to do? Put as many Metamorphose Belts in your deck as possible (up to 4, of course). Then, just go all enraged grasshopper on whatever you like. Grass Strider is very powerful, so it won't be hard!


Surveyor of Fire (20)
Make all lands Fire element and achieve victory.

Surveyor of Water (20)
Make all lands Water element and achieve victory.

Surveyor of Earth (20)
Make all lands Earth element and achieve victory.

Surveyor of Air (20)
Make all lands Air element and achieve victory.

These 4 don't have to be hard. Select a very small map in Versus mode, set all the lands to purple (morphing) and choose the same-color Story Mode character as the achievement you're going for (Borival, Krone, Meltia, or Wongen). X is probably the easiest map, as there are only 16 lands.


Kin to Fire (15)
Using a book with only fire creatures, obtain a total magic of 10,000G or more and achieve victory.

Kin to Water (15)
Using a book with only water creatures, obtain a total magic of 10,000G or more and achieve victory.

Kin to Earth (15)
Using a book with only earth creatures, obtain a total magic of 10,000G or more and achieve victory.

Kin to Air (15)
Using a book with only air creatures, obtain a total magic of 10,000G or more and achieve victory.

Note the word "only" above. That means only that type of creatures - no others. This means no dual-element creatures also (though you can have items and spells in your deck). Sounds a tad difficult, doesn't it? Not so. As with so many of Saga's achievements, you can even the odds by fighting Meltia (she uses no spells, remember?) and by choosing cards that counter her Earth decks. You're sure to win easily.


Triangular Battler (5)
Play an online match with 3 players.

Quadrangular Battler (5)
Play an online match with 4 players.

Alliance Maker (5)
Play a 2 vs. 2 alliance match online.

Just what each one says. Find the appropriate type of match or round up other willing players and create one. Important: you have to finish the match with all players to unlock it. Not win the match, just finish it.


Neophyte Cepter (5)
Win an online match.

Apprentice Cepter (10)
Win 10 online matches.

Adept Cepter (15)
Win 30 online matches.

Master Cepter (20)
Win 50 online matches.

Grandmaster Cepter (30)
Win 100 online matches.

Legendary Cepter(60)
Win 200 online matches.

Play online. Play online some more. Play online still more. Then keep playing. (It's the best part anyway!)


Fighter's Honor (10)
Win 3 consecutive online matches.

Knight's Honor (20)
Win 5 consecutive online matches.

Berserker's Honor (30)
Win 10 consecutive online matches.

You'll probably get Fighter's Honor without trying. Maybe even Knight's Honor if you're lucky. Berserker's Honor? Only if you're some kind of Culdcept genius. Otherwise, you could risk a few negative reviews by choosing a map that heavily favors a ridiculously difficult-to-deal-with deck and have at it. Of course, you could trade meaningless win streaks with a friend, but where's the sport in that?

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