Sword Princess / Armed Princess

Sword Princess
ST:40 HP:30 MHP:30 G:90+
Attacks First / Enchanted: Phantasm / Territory (100G): Evolves into Armed Princess.
Armed Princess
ST:40 HP:40 MHP:40 G:250+
Attacks First / Support / HP & MHP cannot be damaged by spells or territory abilities.

At first glance, these two cards seem like they're not worth the G cost, and that's the reason I'm spotlighting them. They're actually quite a bit better than you might realize.

Let's start with Sword Princess. Absurd card art aside, she's well worth including in an Air deck, especially one with an Attacks First focus. 90G plus an Air land prerequisite might sound a bit spendy, but when you consider that she has no limits at all and you get a great enchantment included, she's actually pretty reasonable. Her enchantment also means that her low-ish 30MHP isn't vulnerable to Venomous Boil or mass damage. In addition, thanks to her Air prereq, she can't be Exiled like Trap Spider or Mirage can.

Item-wise, the sky is the limit, and she can use many items better than most creatures can. Living Claw = 50/50 Nike, able to hold any color land with ease. Storm Spear = 90ST minimum (more with neighbor help!), able to kill most creatures in one hit. Spectre's Robe = potential 110/100, and you'll probably kill them before taking any damage at all! Boomerang = 60/40 improved Centaur on steroids.

Spell-wise, you probably don't want to overwrite her Phantasm unless you're planning to evolve her into Armed Princess, but she's very powerful with Hustle (more on that in a minute). She's especially good with Brave Song in effect, and Hunter's Song will pay you for the time and G spent on the transition to Armed Princess.

Armed Princess is an Extra-rarity card you just don't see very often. I suppose this is due mostly to people not using Sword Princess much, but she's a real game-changer. She is a "special" creature, meaning that she can only exist during a match after evolving from Sword Princess. You can't include her as a card in your deck.

Fortunately, despite her E card status, there is no limit to how many Armed Princesses you can have on the map at any given time. With some creative deck design, you can speed up your draws (Reincarnation is great for this), and once you have one Armed Princess evolved, Conspiracy will zero the summoning cost of other Sword Princesses.

But wait, she gets better! Note the unique ability text on her card, specifically the HP & MHP part. It says she cannot be damaged, not altered, like Odradek does. In other words, you can raise her HP and MHP, but not lower it... and this creates a unique opportunity (one that Julius27 exploits nicely in his Diana deck). Spells like Fat Body and Mutation work great with Armed Princess, and set her up perfectly to be cloned with Quicksilver's TA - just make sure you remove Phantasm first! You can put a whole bunch of Armed Princesses on the map fairly quickly and without much expense doing this. Fun!

Armed Princess is also the only Air creature in Culdcept Saga with the Support ability. This is very powerful, especially since Mutitan and Trample Weed are two of the best ST+MHP values in the game. Good luck killing a Mutated, Hustled, high-level Armed Princess with her 50/60 tub-of-lard bodyguard lending assistance. She'll kill you first and laugh as she takes your G.

Some effective combos with the Princesses:

  • Cast Chariot or Telekinesis on Sword Princess (preferably to kill something while you have Hunter's Song on), shaking off Phantasm in the process. Walk past Sword Princess that same turn, evolve into Armed Princess. Next turn, Fat Body + Land Protection.

  • Either Princess + Rat Hunter. In their hands, the pipe is great on offense or defense. Set their toughest land holders up for destruction, or totally ruin their non-Attacks First invasion. Even better if you have Centaur in the deck to use it too!

  • Relief Sword Princess near you (preferably to an Air land), evolve into Armed Princess. Next turn, cast Hustle on her, then walk past Gogma and use his TA to level her up cheaply.

So yeah, these two are pretty far from the crap pile. Hehe. Have fun adding them to your arsenal! :-)

Last Updated on Wednesday, 02 October 2013 15:01

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