Mesozoic Song

Mesozoic Song
Protection: Transforms into Tyrannosaurus for 3 rounds.
ST:50 HP:60 MHP:60 G:80+
Item Limit:

In case you are not familiar with Mesozoic Song, allow me to elaborate on its effects. It is a Cepter enchantment that turns the target Cepter's creature into Tyrannosaurus during battle for three of that player's turns. One important effect that this card has is the inherent regeneration effect in transformation. If the Tyrannosaurus survives an invasion, it transforms back into the original creature with the original ST/MHP. The damage from enchantments such as Illness and Poison occur while the Tyrannosaurus is out. After battle, the original creature reappears unharmed. This can be used to discourage players from invading your land to wound creatures. Mesozoic Song is often used in offense by casting it on your opponent and invading with Saint, which has an 80% chance to kill neutral creatures (like Tyrannosaurus) instantly. This is an example of the proper use of Mesozoic Song, to be used in combination with unique creatures to create very unique strategic situations. Here are some more examples:

Pretty straightforward. Your 50/60 Tyrannosauruses are now 50/80 defensive monsters as well. It can also give Borgess more staying power. While one Borgess on the map will not boost itself, a 50/60 Borgessaurus is much better than a 30/30 sitting duck. Also, Borgess can be used in tandem with the following creatures and spells to make Tyrannosaurus 20HP stronger in battle.

Another pretty straightforward combo. Cast Mesozoic Song on your opponent and use Saint's 80% Instant Death to kill some pesky creature you want gone - preferably one on a high-level land that will turn the tide of battle.

This takes advantage of the order the Mesozoic Song activates during battle, and is best used with the enchantment on yourself. The enchantment activates after certain creature effects, which includes both of these creatures. Your opponent's item or supporting creature will be stolen or destroyed before the transformation into Tyrannosaurus - effectively disarming them before the fight. Thief is more defensive since the theft ability only activates if you do not use an item, leaving your opponent to figure out which item he wants used against him. Gremlin is great on offensive and made even better with Tyrannosaurus' added ST by allowing you to break your opponent's item while allowing you to still use one. This also allows Gremlin to wield Stormcauser to great effect (see Whooh's Give & Take deck).

Any Support Creature
Credit goes to April and Whooh for bringing this to my attention.
This combo plays off two separate advantages of creature "in-battle" transformations. The first is that it allows the use of items that the transformed creature cannot. T-Rex cannot use support creatures, but Grimalkin can. Now that little kitten gets to be a 50/60 Support beast, wielding Burning Titans and Behemoths like a pro.

The second advantage is the transformed Tyrannosaurus gets the Land Bonus of the previous creature. Let's say your opponent lands on your level 5 Grimalkin with a Magma Avatar. His various land holdings give the avatar 165ST/165MHP. Normally, you concede to defeat, right? Wrong. With Mesozoic Song on, you have your 60HP Tyrannosaurus with the 50HP boost you get from the Land bonus, which means you start with 110HP. Now, add the 60HP you will get from that Burning Titan and you've got yourself a whopping 170HP - enough to repel the Avatar and cripple your opponent's pocketbook.

Trap Spider
While the spider loses its Attack Bonus: Paralysis ability when transformed, it is a great defender since it casts Mimicry on itself once it is summoned, allowing it to effectively defend land of any color - even Neutral! That's right, all you Land Transfer nuts. Mimicry allows Land Bonus for Neutral land. Also, the transformation does not override enchantments on the creature since the change is entirely in battle. So, the effects of Hustle and Mimicry stay on the creature.

Immediate Creatures
This enchantment turns Immediate creatures into mobile Tyrannosauruses with HP that the mighty Barbarian can only dream of. Imagine using Tokebi to kill a creature one space away, then converting the land into G one turn later.

Give Stormcauser to a defending creature, replacing their own defensive item and watch your Tyrannosaurus devour the weakened monster (again, see Give & Take).

I bring this up to illustrate one final point. With Mesozoic Song on, all of the enchanted Cepter's creatures turn into Tyrannosauruses, meaning all creatures are potential attackers. This includes Idols. Imagine your opponent has a creature with an annoying TA two spaces from a Granite Idol you put down earlier. Chariot the Idol over and watch the little guy go to town. This is useful, as it allows you to exploit down times when your opponent is out of items and allows you to exploit it to eliminate any current or future threats.

Some potential weaknesses to be concerned about:

Paralyzer - Prevents the creatures from transforming.

Saint/Armored Dragon - Useless against their Neutralizes: abilities.

Dispel Magic/Other Enchantments/Sharazad's TA - Overwrites (or removes) Mesozoic Song.

Non-Compatible Creatures - Overrides the abilities of more powerful creatures (Magma/Storm Avatar, Undine, Mothman etc.)

Senility - Your creature still dies at the end of battle.

Fistfight/Sea Bonze - No transformation.

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