Boosting Creatures

In Culdcept Saga, creatures with a Boost ability can radically change a match because of how many Boosting creatures there are in the game. They can make creatures stronger and tougher, but they can also make creatures weaker. The key really is to include them in your deck and put them on the map only when they'll benefit you. You might think these are easy decisions, but when you consider that Boosting abilities stack (an invading Fire creature would get +30 ST from Ares and Hell Pyron, for example), they might not be so easy. This guide is intended to help you use these great creatures more effectively.

ST:30 HP:30 MHP:30 G:50
Boost: HP+20 to creatures.

It's fitting that Borgess kicks this guide off, since he's the most-used Boosting creature in the entire Culdcept series. There are some compelling reasons why: he's cheap, he helps otherwise weak Neutral creatures a lot, and he has no summoning requirements.

The hard part is keeping him alive, since he has only 30 MHP and only gets his own bonus if more than one Borgess is on the map. Some players do this by casting Peace on him. Others like to increase his MHP via something like Fat Body. Still others just go the expendable minion route and include up to 4 Borgess cards in their decks. Land Protection helps as well, because if someone draws a Banishing Ray, it's just about guaranteed that they're going to zap Borgess with it unless a really troublesome idol is lurking somewhere. It also helps to put him somewhere out of harm's way, like the seldom-visited islands on Belizalberg, for example.

Borgess' HP+20 ability stacks with Mimicry as well, which many Neutral players like to use. Trap Spider comes enchanted with Mimicry, and Horned Chameleon has the ability built-in. Borgess makes these two creatures 70 HP and 60 HP in battle on a level 1 land, respectively - very hard to deal with, especially considering how cheap they are.

In addition, Borgess' ability does a great job of preventing Counter Amulet kills, which Neutral is more vulnerable to than the four elements because of receiving no land bonus. You might think this is a small thing, but it will keep your big mean 240/240 Red Cap from killing himself when that puny 1/1 Amulet-wielding Powder Eater pays him a visit!

Red Cap
ST:20 HP:40 MHP:40 G:50
In Battle: ST & HP= (number of Goblins in play x20). / Boost: ST & HP+20 to all Goblins.

Knowing that Boost abilities stack, it's really no surprise that you see Red Cap and Borgess together often in Neutral decks. Red Cap is the same cost as Borgess, and together they make those 0G Goblins into 40/70 terrors. That much is obvious, but where many players go wrong is in how they use Red Cap - or rather, don't use him.

You see, many Goblin players will summon Red Cap and just leave him wherever they put him. On the surface, this isn't a terrible plan - he is potentially one of the strongest creatures in the game, after all - but like nearly every other Neutral creature, it only takes one Banishing Ray and Red Cap's high-level land is suddenly empty.

No, there really is a more effective gameplan for Red Cap than using him as a high-level landholder, and you may have experienced it already: brutal, unrelenting aggression. Invade with Chariot or Intrusion, hit them from the side, land on them and invade... just keep on pounding away. Nothing is going to withstand the onslaught for long, and at the very least, you'll force your opponents to use up their limited stock of items doing it.

So, what do you level if not Red Cap? Level the Goblins! Remember, they're 40/70 little evil monsters! Level some to 2, some to 3... maybe even some to 4 if you're confident your opponents lack the ST to deal with it. Spread the leveling around and watch the G roll in. Yes, it's a very evil plan, but it's also terrifyingly effective.

ST:50 HP:60 MHP:60 G:90+
Land Limit:
Boost: ST+20 to invading creatures.

Building an invasion-focused deck? Ares is your man. Need inspiration for said deck? Take a look at April's outstanding Freshness deck - it also includes Hell Pyron to enhance and cash in on the carnage even more.

Like the other Boosting creatures, Ares' ability doesn't work when he himself is in battle. Unlike the others, this fact actually helps Ares, since your opponents will have to try and kill him without the ST bonus. You might also use him as a primary landholder because of this - just be careful not to put two of him on the map, or your opponent will get the ST+20 bonus when invading him!

Hell Pyron
ST:70 HP:60 MHP:60 G:160++
Land Limit:
Territory (30G): User gains (number of creatures destroyed thus far x50G) magic, then number is reset. / Boost: ST+10 to creatures.

Need an ST boost but don't want to give your opponent one too? Put Hell Pyron in your deck. Not only will he help out your invasions, but he has a very rewarding Territory Ability to boot. Fighting an opponent who's using Fire and/or Earth as well? No problem, you don't have to put him on the map... Hell Pyron is a wicked-good supporting creature as well!

There's a fair number of deck types that Hell Pyron works well in, but a potentially great one is a deck type I've never actually seen tried - a Fire-based Silver Idol deck. Given Fire's overall high ST, you would hold land exceptionally well, and you could include a nice pile of complementary items (Attacks First, Fire Shield, or just HP+ ones) to enhance this. Good luck taking land on a map loaded with high-ST creatures that hit you first!

Dragon Lord
ST:70 HP:70 MHP:70 G:250+
Attacks First / Boost: ST+10 to ST=60 or more creatures. / Battle End: Evolves into Dragonewt.

You get Dragon Lord via Dragonewt's Territory Ability. Got it? OK, now... keeping Dragon Lord's Boost ability in mind, reread the paragraph above. Done? OK, anything jump out at you? Yeah, me too... Hell Pyron has >60 ST and Dragon Lord is a Fire creature... they're a natural fit.

If you were feeling especially sadistic, you could put Fay and Ba-Al in there - along with Basalt Idol, to keep Dragon Lord from changing back into Dragonewt, and to keep Ba-Al from crushing your cards - and just get medieval on your opponents. Or even throw Ares in there too and cackle evilly as your opponent struggles to keep any creatures on the map at all.

ST:50 HP:60 MHP:60 G:90+
Land Limit:
Boost: HP+20 to defending creatures.

As you probably have already guessed, Poseidon is the polar opposite of Ares. The Greek god of the sea is magnificent for one thing: helping creatures hold land. If you include him in a Neutral deck with Borgess, even idols become difficult to kill. And, what does Red Cap care about a little extra HP, anyway? He just cuts right through that!

Or maybe you're already thinking about an ultra-strong defensive Water deck? Water creatures are already ridiculously strong on defense, and Poseidon makes them even more so, especially when Rahab (see below) is helping out. You might be thinking of including Sea Bonze in that deck, but beware! Sea Bonze prevents the use of items in battle, but it also prevents all effects other than land and neighbor bonus, so you won't get Poseidon's boost!

ST:60 HP:70 MHP:70 G:160++
Land Limit:
Neutralizes: Creatures with MHP of 50 and up. / Boost: HP+10 to creatures.

This deep-sea horror is already a very difficult creature to kill in battle, but when you have two or more down - and possibly Poseidon as well - Rahab becomes just ridiculous (80 HP on non-matched land, minimum!) On top of that, Rahab neutralizes high-MHP creatures (who just happen to be the most likely successful invaders). Ouch.

Of course, if your opponent just happened to be using a Water and/or Air deck themselves, you could feed Rahab to your Bloody Pudding. Instantly, you'd have a 90MHP monster. April somehow managed to infuse this defense-heavy approach with her unique brand of aggression as well... check out DaBlob if you're into horror decks.

ST:60 HP:70 MHP:70 G:160++
Land Limit:
Support / Boost: HP+10 to creatures.

Brontides just by himself is a scary, scary creature, but aside from having Support and a great HP-boosting ability, there's more. With Spiny Agama, Seismodon, and Quicksilver, you could potentially have 16 Brontides on the map before your deck reset - and then you could have more! To put that in perspective, a Brontides with Brontides support and another Brontides on the map would be 120/150 on non-matching land. Short of Instant Death, very few creatures are killing him, even with repeated invasions.

Naturally (see what I did there?), Brontides makes a great addition to any Earth deck, since Earth has many Support creatures. Be careful, though, because if your opponent is using Fire or Earth themselves, that extra 10 HP can - and will! - mean the difference between you taking that high land, and you paying a high toll. Why? Unless you're planning to include some real firepower like Branch Army or Magma Avatar, your Support-based offense is probably going to be around 90ST at most. With Brontides down, a lowly Squirrine with a Squirrine supporting helper on a level 3 Earth land is going to survive that 90 ST hit.

ST:50 HP:40 MHP:40 G:80++
Land Limit:
Attack Bonus: Poison / Boost: ST-10 to creatures.

Here we have the first of the game's creatures that have a negative Boost ability. I'm not quite sure why, but Humbaba's ST-draining ability only affects Air creatures. This makes it only marginally useful, really, and they should've included Fire creatures (making it anti-Offensive element). Even so, Humbaba's 50 ST makes it a decent invader, and its Poison ability can help it kill defenders who might survive otherwise.

What sort of deck would Humbaba work well in? I could see it along with Brontides in a Support-focused deck, but if your opponent wasn't running an Air deck, Humbaba would be limited to a supporting creature role. I'm stumped on this otherwise, but if you come up with a cool Humbaba deck, post it in our Deck Lists forum!

Lord of Bane
ST:70 HP:60 MHP:60 G:160++
Land Limit:
Territory (60G): Target enemy Cepter loses (number of symbols owned x5G) magic. / Boost: ST+10 to creatures.

Lord of Bane is a little bit of a mixed blessing. On one hand, he's a devastating invader, especially when there's more than one of him around the map. On the other hand, however, there are few small maps (see also: high action) with temples, so his G-draining ability often goes to waste. This may or may not be a problem for the deck idea you have in mind. I know that April and I didn't worry about that when we were creating OMFG and OMFG FU. :-)

Somewhat similar to the Silver Idol idea I mentioned above with Hell Pyron, you could really exploit the Attacks First nature of Air using Lord of Bane. Creatures like Tengu and Lightning Dragon become even scarier than normal with Lord of Bane around; the former for his Air-invasion movement ability, and the latter for its massive ST. Obviously, you don't want to put Lord of Bane on the map if your opponent is running Water and/or Air... well, unless you're in the mood for a slugfest!

ST:40 HP:50 MHP:50 G:80++
Land Limit:
Attack Bonus: Confusion / Boost: HP-10 to creatures.

Of the two creatures in Culdcept Saga with negative Boost abilities (Humbaba being the other one), Sphinx has the better ability, in my opinion. Earth Support creatures have low MHP for the most part, and a well-timed Illness can result in an automatic kill with Sphinx on the map. It's not the greatest ability, of course, but you'll be surprised at how effective a mere 10 HP drop can be against Earth creatures. Her ability is doubly damaging to Spiny Agama, where it acts like a -20 HP reduction in battle.

A good gameplan with Sphinx could be to use Counter Amulet, or maybe Spiked Shield. This also fits well with Frost Beast, and even better with Lord of Bane, since his ST+10 ability gives you a 20-point edge against Earth creatures.


So, there's Culdcept Saga's Boosting creatures. They're very strong for the most part, and you can do a lot of mixing and matching for some pretty potent results. Get your boost on. :-)

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