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E cards are prohibited in most leagues here on Culdcept Central due to the fact that they're overpowered compared to the rest of the cards in the game, but that same fact makes them extremely popular in casual online play. Likewise, since it's the most powerful and versatile E-rarity card in Culdcept Saga, Zeromn is loved and hated in equal amounts. Here's a brief guide to each of Zeromn's 7 choices to illustrate why it's such a polarizing card, and some ideas to help you use it better.

Great Panic - The values of all Symbols decrease by 50%.
Many people include Zeromn just for this choice when playing on maps with a temple, for obvious reasons. It's much more devastating than Pressure to symbol users, especially late in the game. On the flip side, you could use this choice to reduce symbol values to ridiculously low levels and setup opponents for a crushing Corruption or Disbelief blast, or set yourself up to make Lung into an absolute nightmare.

Extermination - All creatures sustain 20 damage.
Tempest for 100G less and no discard? This is Powder Eater and Hive Worker defense on the cheap. Toss in Tempest or Insect Swarm, and it'll completely wreck Goblin decks with ease as well. Awhile back, one player used Extermination, Nil's TA, and assorted other mass-damage spells to try and win the game by forcing it to go the distance. Needless to say, that strategy irritated and infuriated opponents to no end.

Remove Curse - Enchantment effects on your creatures and territory will be removed.
Noble Shaman's TA in spell form. Sure, it costs twice as much, but it's a whole lot easier than trying to keep the Shaman alive long enough to use his TA. As you might imagine, this choice works very well to thwart those pesky Mass Phantasm and Plague-based decks. It could also prevent disaster due to a shrine's mass-Paralysis "Curse" effect.

Good Luck - You will receive magic power equal to your position x 200G.
Definitely the most-used (and abused) Zeromn choice. If you start 4th at the beginning of a 4-player online match and you have Zeromn in hand, you just gave yourself a 700G head start on your opponents. This choice is ridiculously overpowered, and just about ensures that you don't stay in 4th place for long at any point in a match.

Love - All of your creatures will recover full HP.
Like Refresh, but only benefits your own creatures. This probably isn't going to be the best choice unless somebody cast Tempest or a similar mass-damage spell. On the other hand, you could use this as part of your own devious mass-damage + Insect Swarm combo to keep your creatures intact while wiping your opponents off the map.

Strut - For three rounds, you will not need to pay a toll.
Considering that you're paying 100G to avoid tolls, this choice's Innocence-like effect is really only useful when there are many high-level lands on the map. You'll probably only want to use this when paying a high toll would ruin your game.

Magic Era - For three rounds, your cards will cost 0G magic.
As with Strut, you're paying 100G to avoid paying something, so this is really only useful if you're planning to just go medieval on your opponents in the next three rounds. Even then, it can be overwritten with another enchantment, so you'll need to time this just right. A normally 350G Paralyzer + Intrusion + Bandit + Colossus combo would work well, especially considering that you're going to recover the 100G spell cost and then some with Bandit's Attack Bonus ability.

Keep in mind that all of the above is wrapped up in just one card... it's a bit like having just what you need, just when you need it. This also means that you still have 49 more cards in your deck that you can use to exploit Zeromn's effects. Some people like to include a lot of Reincarnation and Revival to try and draw their E cards more often. Reincarnation being Doublecast can enable you to draw and cast Zeromn in the same turn, and Revival coupled with an early-shuffled Zeromn can ensure that you draw Zeromn over and over. Keep in mind also that you better use Zeromn right away, because your opponents will do everything in their power to smash or steal it. ;-)

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