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Air Creatures

ST:40 HP:10 MHP:10 G:20++
Territory (80G): Destroys target creature if it has taken damage of 20 or more, then returns to user's hand.
Blitz Raven
ST:20 HP:30 MHP:30 G:30
Item Limit:
Critical Hit: Creatures with MHP of 30 and under.
ST:30 HP:40 MHP:40 G:80
Attacks First / Battle End: Items equipped recycle to user's book.
ST:10 HP:30 MHP:30 G:30+
Attack Bonus: 60% chance of causing creatures with MHP of 50 and up to return to their hand.
Cloud Gizmo
ST:10 HP:30 MHP:30 G:30
Territory (20G): User chooses a card from target Cepter's hand and destroys it. Target Cepter draws a new card.
ST:40 HP:40 MHP:40 G:80+
Neutralizes: / Instant Death: 60% to creatures.
Doodle Beetle
ST:10 HP:50 MHP:50 G:40+
Item Limit:
Defensive / Enchanted: Quicksand
Flying Puffer
ST:20 HP:40 MHP:40 G:40++
Item Limit:
Upon Victory: Is destroyed. / Upon Defeat: Destroys opponent.
ST:10 HP:50 MHP:50 G:30
Item Limit:
Defensive / Territory (30G): Deals 10 damage to target creature.
ST:0 HP:40 MHP:40 G:60+
Land Limit:
In Battle: ST & HP= (number of creatures in play x10).
ST:20 HP:30 MHP:30 G:70
Item Limit:
Battle Start: Destroys opponent's item.
ST:50 HP:50 MHP:50 G:90
Land Limit:
Item Limit:
ST:30 HP:30 MHP:30 G:60
Attacks First
Holy Llama
ST:20 HP:40 MHP:40 G:60
Item Limit:
Territory (30G): Adds Holy Word 6 to target Cepter. / Able to move to any vacant land in the area.
ST:50 HP:40 MHP:40 G:90
Critical Hit: Creatures with MHP of 50 and up.
ST:20 HP:20 MHP:20 G:40+
Battle Start: Gives opponent its own item and forces them to use it.
ST:40 HP:60 MHP:60 G:100++
Item Limit:
Battle End: Lowers level of battle territory by 1 unless it's an land.
Lightning Dragon
ST:60 HP:50 MHP:50 G:140+
Land Limit:
Item Limit:
Attacks First / Neutralizes: / Territory (80G): Deals 30 damage to target or creature.
Lord of Bane
ST:70 HP:60 MHP:60 G:160++
Land Limit:
Territory (60G): Target enemy Cepter loses (number of symbols owned x5G) magic. / Boost: ST+10 to creatures.
ST:30 HP:30 MHP:30 G:50
Enchanted: Simulacrum
ST:30 HP:50 MHP:50 G:90+
Attacks First / In Battle: ST & HP= (number of creatures in play x10).
ST:50 HP:60 MHP:60 G:70+
Item Limit:
Enchanted: Senility
Night Fiend
ST:20 HP:40 MHP:40 G:70+
Land Limit:
Item Limit:
Attacks First / In Battle: ST+ (level of battle territory x20).
ST:30 HP:30 MHP:30 G:50+
ST:30 HP:30 MHP:30 G:60+
Item Limit:
Attacks First / Attack Bonus: Paralysis
ST:50 HP:50 MHP:50 G:90+
Land Limit:
Critical Hit: / Regenerates
ST:30 HP:20 MHP:20 G:60
Item Limit:
Attacks First / Cannot be targeted by spells or territory abilities / Neutralizes: Scroll attacks.
Powder Eater
ST:1 HP:1 MHP:1 G:0
Item Limit:
Multiplies when moving, leaving copies in both former and new locations.
ST:40 HP:40 MHP:40 G:90
Item Limit:
Battle End: ST & MHP+10 if opponent equipped an item (up to a maximum of 100).
ST:40 HP:40 MHP:40 G:60+
Item Limit:
Territory (60G): Moves target creature belonging to user 2 spaces.
Soul Collector
ST:20 HP:30 MHP:30 G:60+
In Battle: ST+ (number of creatures destroyed thus far x5).
ST:0 HP:30 MHP:30 G:30
In Battle: ST & HP= (random value between 10 and 70).
ST:40 HP:50 MHP:50 G:80++
Land Limit:
Attack Bonus: Confusion / Boost: HP-10 to creatures.
ST:30 HP:30 MHP:30 G:40
Territory (80G): Evolves into Grendel.
ST:40 HP:40 MHP:40 G:50+
Land Limit:
Attack Bonus: Opponent's ST=0.
Sword Princess
ST:40 HP:30 MHP:30 G:90+
Attacks First / Enchanted: Phantasm / Territory (100G): Evolves into Armed Princess.
ST:20 HP:20 MHP:20 G:20
Neutralizes: Attacks from creatures with MHP of 40 and up. / Territory (100G): Evolves into Garuda.
ST:40 HP:40 MHP:40 G:110
Attacks First / Scroll Critical Hit / Can move to any opponent-owned land in the area.
ST:10 HP:40 MHP:40 G:60+
Attacks twice.
ST:20 HP:50 MHP:50 G:50
Land Limit:
Item Limit:
Attacks First / Defensive / In Battle: ST+30, HP-10
Trample Weed
ST:20 HP:60 MHP:60 G:30+
Item Limit:
Defensive / Level of occupied land cannot be changed.
ST:30 HP:50 MHP:50 G:70
Battle End: Adds Fog to defending creature if Wendigo is not equipped with an item.
ST:20 HP:30 MHP:30 G:50
Item Limit:
Territory (30G): Steals (number of spell and item cards in target enemy Cepter's hand x20G) magic. / Scroll Critical Hit
ST:40 HP:40 MHP:40 G:90
Land Limit:
Item Limit:
Attacks First / Can move to any vacant land in the area.
Yellow Ogre
ST:30 HP:40 MHP:40 G:50

Special Air Creatures

Armed Princess
ST:40 HP:40 MHP:40 G:250+
Attacks First / Support / HP & MHP cannot be damaged by spells or territory abilities.

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