Princess of the Advatarian Empire. Refers to the main character as "the savior. Holds a metal book with powerful cards.





Creatures Items Spells
2 Cait Sith
2 Fay

2 Aqualing
2 Gelatinous Wall
2 Lamia

2 Herald Spirit
2 Lichenoid
2 Squirrine

2 Knight
2 Sword Princess
2 Sylph
2 Tengu

1 Gogma
1 Warlock
2 Magma Armor
2 Nuclear Fusion
2 Storm Armor
2 Brave Song
1 Cleanse
2 Holy Asylum
2 Permission
2 Silence
2 Sinking Song
2 Telekinesis
2 Tough Song
2 Wind of Hope
1 Word of Recall

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Fontaciel 360
ST:40 HP:30 MHP:30
In Battle: HP= (number of territories user owns x10). / Territory (50G): MHP+5 to all user's creatures (up to a maximum of 100).

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