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This review has been Google-translated from its original Spanish language. You can read it in Spanish here. - Andyman

Omiya Soft launches the adventure and bet on the launch of Culdcept Revolt , a title that has nothing to do with what has been seen so far in Nintendo 3DS , and is aimed at a specific group of players who claim more games of the genre, and specifically, the launching of this saga.

The Culdcept saga turns 20 and with this title commemorates its twentieth anniversary in the best way: offering a level title, entertaining, with a lot of content. Culdcept Revolt will please all followers of the genre.

Letters have the power

The playable mechanics of the title are very similar to titles games as the Magic style because their gameplay is based on the use of cards and movements on boards with different configurations, but not everything is so simple. Culdcept is a very complex title, but from the beginning it is quite easy to guide you during the first hours and offers several tutorials that we must pass as a mandatory procedure to start the "adventure".

Having said that, we are going to explain how the gameplay of such a peculiar title is. At first, we see how after an introduction where they allow us to choose the name of the characters and other things, we see how we are introducing different basic concepts necessary to go beyond the phases.

These phases, unlike other tactical RPGs, are based on the concept of board, a board that varies in configuration and design as we advance, and that are made each more complex. In turn, on the stage we find key points called "Gates" that are of tremendous importance for the development of battles.

Gates provide "Gate Bonus" which are nothing more than "Gold" - also very important for the development of the battle - and also sometimes provide additional letters and life recovery of our "allies".

The boards, in turn, are divided into small squares of colors that each represents an element that we will call "squares". We find red (fire), blue (water), green (forest) or yellow (air) squares that we should keep in mind when using cards, as most creatures match any of these elements and help us the time of the combat since if we make them coincide they will give more level to this box "conquered" and in turn more "Gold", final element to get in the battles, although of this we will speak later.

Once this is known, we must talk about the cards. In this title we will be able to collect about 400 different ones and each one of them has its function. We will have letters of spells called "Spell Card" , with which we can apply advantages to ourselves or even our opponent to vary its launch and avoid a movement that can harm us, or also disadvantage, that we can do the same as with the advantage: add a disadvantage to the opponent or apply a disadvantage if we are interested in making a move that would otherwise be in the hands of the dice. We will also have "consumable" letters applicable to the creature card as attack or defense enhancers among many others.

The cards are almost the most important and indispensable creatures of the entire playable system. This will allow us to "conquer" the squares in which we fall. The variety is very large, as we have said, and within them we can also find creatures that respond to the same elements as the one of the boxes, therefore, we must match, as far as possible, the elements of the creatures and the boxes. There are attacking and defending creatures.

However, we still have one more variant in the game. And is that we can replace a creature that we have provisionally used in another box by another that is or stronger or that matches the element, or simply change the element of place, that is, the elements of the cells will be interchangeable and we can do spending one of our runs by spending a certain number of "gold". The boxes, in addition, can also (and should) level up.

That said, and ending with the card system, we can get them during the fighting (cattle or appearing randomly) and buy them in the store of the game. The problem with having so many cards is that you have to choose because not all of them fit in the combat menu, so to choose the most appropriate, the game system allows us to create decks through the "books" that we can to vary as the game progresses, using the deck of cards that best suits the battle that we are going to fight and making ourselves.

The movements in the boards are made through using a traditional system of dice that will be random and that we can only vary in occasions and using consumable letters that affect our roll.

Not only is it a simple card game

As we titled the section, Culdcept Revolt not only remains in a simple board game based on cards and collecting these. The title, has a simple stories, which endows the game with some depth despite being a story trite and quite used .

At the beginning of the game we will meet Allen - to whom we can change the name as we have explained - who for some reason wakes up after some kind of event without any kind of memory.

It is then that a voice guides you - form part of the initial tutorial - in Cepter concepts until you are able to remember the mastery of the basic principles. It is then that he discovers that they are the "Free Bats", a resistance group against Count Kraniss, who has repressed the people of the city. Allen, decides to help in his fight, hoping to recover his memory and to know who he is, what has happened and what is his place in the world.

This part of the game counts half long conversations and simple animations made with the modeling of the characters. Something simple that does not invent anything in the genre, in fact, is the way in which title of similar characteristics narrate their histories but that they are tremendously effective.

But Culdcept Revolt is not a title that is only focused on story mode, but a celebration to the 20 years that fulfill the saga, have wanted to go beyond and have added alternative game modes, but always based on the concept of board.

We will have, therefore, three more modes of game like The "Only Match" , a kind of game in which we will be able to choose the opponents, boards and the rules. All that we have unlocked from the story mode. The "Local Match" and "Online" are basically the same except for the fact that one is split over the Internet and the other through the local console connection.

Unfortunately, neither of these two modes of play we have been able to prove, so they can not express any opinion about its good or bad operation. However, considering the type of game in which we are sure that although it works well, we do not find too many people in this mode.

Final verdict

Culdcept Revolt is a great title, very entertaining and addictive that we invite you to try although you are not follower of this type of title nor of the sort. In the first place, it becomes somewhat hard to adapt, but once we learn to play, we will be surprised how easily the hours with our Nintendo 3DS in the hands collecting cards, creating decks and visualizing strategies in the games to reach the victory.

Without a doubt, the great title we get to Nintendo 3DS to enlarge its legend as portable console.


Multitude of different cards with each other
Possibility to create your own decks
Dynamic and fun games
Possibility to stop the game and continue at any time
History that, although quite seen, is entertaining
Large number of different boards


Only for RPG lovers and card game
The title has not been translated into Spanish
It can become repetitive if you are not accustomed to the genre

Very good

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