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Great Waste World (NRG, 25/6/19)

from the Official Guide

Concept: Interfere with your opponents by using Waste World to increase the cost of high-rarity cards. Take advantage of the Support ability with your N-rarity cards.

Quick strategy: Waste World is a world enchantment that makes it difficult/costly to use strong high-rarity cards. Since this book is composed mainly of N-rarity cards, it'll have less influence than other books. However, because the book is strong in the Support ability, it's easy to get high ability values in battle. For example, taking advantage of Trojan Horse's Penetration or Death Scythe's high base ST via Support makes it possible to invade quite a bit. Let the small Woodfolk and Dryads hold your lands; using Dragon Zombie, Wall of Stone, etc., in place of items will make them effective defenders. Although it is rarity S and somewhat costly, Drain Magic can be effective at robbing your opponent of opportunities with Waste World in place. In addition, Reincarnation will be expensive, but don't hesitate to use it when you must - namely, when your hand is depleted of creatures from using Support in battle.

Key Card: Waste World

3 Fighter
2 Trojan Horse
2 Death Scythe
2 Dragon Zombie
4 Dryad
2 Great Tusker
2 Green Ogre
2 Rock Troll
2 Wall of Stone
4 Woodfolk

4 Armet
2 Moon Scimitar

2 Disease
2 Drain Magic
3 Earth Shift
2 Holy Banishment
2 Reincarnation
2 Shatter
4 Waste World
2 Wind of Hope

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Culdcept Revolt


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