Ranks, Avatars, Covers and Dice

Below is the full list of Cepter avatars, book covers and dice in Culdcept Revolt and how you acquire them. Click on an item's name to see what it looks like.

(acquired when the
main menu is unlocked)
Male Hero
Female Hero
Male Warrior
Female Warrior
Male Priest
Female Priest
Male Traveler
Female Traveler
Basic Red
Basic Blue
Basic Green
Basic Yellow
Basic Black
Basic Pink
Personal Rank Title
(Arena Rank Title)
Pts Avatar(s) Acquired Cover(s) Acquired Dice Acquired
9th 0   (acquired randomly
every 5 matches
up to 245 played)

Red Mark
Blue Mark
Green Mark
Yellow Mark
Black Mark
Blue Seal
Yellow Seal
Dot N
Dot F
Dot W
Dot E
Dot A
Dot S
Dot I
Pink Polka Dot
Purple Polka Dot
Blue Polka Dot
Green Polka Dot
Orange Polka Dot
Gray Checkers
Red Checkers
Blue Checkers
White Feather
Black Wing
Blue Denim
Bleached Denim
Black Denim
Brown Camo
Blue Camo
Green Camo
Orange Line
Blue Line
Green Line
Purple Line
Pink Line
Brown Flower
Green Flower
Blue Flower
Pink Sakura
Orange Sakura
Blue Sakura
Asian Butterfly
Asian Fan
8th 100  
7th 200  
6th 300  
5th 400  
4th 500  
3rd 600  
2nd 700  
1st 800  
Summoner 9th 900  
8th 1000  
7th 1100  
6th 1200  
5th 1300 Male Barbarian
4th 1400  
3rd 1500 Female Barbarian
2nd 1600  
1st 1700 Male Researcher
Card Hunter 9th 1850 Female Researcher
8th 2000  
7th 2150 Male Knight
6th 2300  
5th 2450 Female Knight
4th 2600  
3rd 2750 Male Magic Student
2nd 2900  
1st 3050 Female Magic Student
Tactician 9th 3250 Coat Guy
8th 3450  
7th 3650 Coat Gal
6th 3850  
5th 4050 Zen Priest
4th 4250  
3rd 4450 Fortune Teller
2nd 4650  
1st 4850 Martial Artist
Magister 9th 5100 Thief
8th 5350  
7th 5600 Explorer
6th 5850  
5th 6100 Male Pirate
4th 6350  
3rd 6600 Assassin
2nd 6850  
1st 7100 Doctor
Adept 9th 7400 Sorcerer
8th 7700  
7th 8000  
6th 8300  
5th 8600  
4th 8900  
3rd 9200  
2nd 9500  
1st 9800  
Dominator 9th 10200 Gnome
8th 10600  
7th 11000  
6th 11400  
5th 11800  
4th 12200  
3rd 12600  
2nd 13000  
1st 13400  
Card Master 9th 13900 Dancer
8th 14400  
7th 14900  
6th 15400  
5th 15900  
4th 16400  
3rd 16900  
2nd 17400  
1st 17900  
Arch Cepter 9th 18500 Planner
8th 19100  
7th 19700  
6th 20300  
5th 20900  
4th 21500  
3rd 22100  
2nd 22700  
1st 23300  
Supremacy 9th 24100 Princess
8th 24900  
7th 25700  
6th 26500  
5th 27300  
4th 28100  
3rd 28900  
2nd 29700  
1st 31500  
The Ultra   35000 King Precious  
DLC Pack Cost (USD) Avatar(s) Acquired Cover(s) Acquired Dice Acquired
Alien Set $1.99 Alien Sacred City: Stone Stone
Angel Set $1.99 Angel Sacred City: Marble Marble
Animal Pack $0.99   Leopard
Archer Pack $1.99 Elf
Battle Boy Set $1.99 Battle Boy Green Horror Gold
Black Knight Set $1.99 Black Knight Free Bats: Black Eastern
Blue Set $1.99 Clown Neon Blue Blue
Detective Set $1.99 Detective Iron Frame Brick
Dragon Pack $1.99   Red Dragon
Blue Dragon
Green Dragon
Yellow Dragon
Black Dragon
Free Avatar Pack free Female Pirate
Free Book Cover Pack free   Asian Flowers
Crimson Leaves
Glasses Pack $1.99 Businessman
Gothic Lolita Set $1.99 Gothic Lolita Death Roman
Green Set $1.99 General Neon Green Green
Hero Set $1.99 Hero Free Bats: Red Solid
Horror Pack $1.99 Ghost
Magical Girl Set $1.99 Magical Girl Rhinestone Heart
Mascot Pack $1.99 Bear Suit
Cat Suit
Musician Pack $1.99 Rapper
Necromancer Set $1.99 Necromancer Sickle Wood
Puppet Doll Set $1.99 Puppet Crystal Digital
Red Riding Hood Set $1.99 Red Riding Hood Pizza Cow
Red Set $1.99 Dragonkin Neon Red Red
Rose Pack $0.99   Black Rose
Red Rose
White Rose
Scale Pack $0.99   Red Scales
Blue Scales
Green Scales
Yellow Scales
Shrine Maiden Set $1.99 Shrine Maiden Red Horror Paper
Soltis $0.99   Soltis  
Steel Pack $0.99   Black Steel
Gold Steel
Silver Steel
Tin Man Set $1.99 Tin Man Retro Billiard
Vampire Set $1.99 Vampire Cobweb Metallic
Warrior Pack $1.99 Kung-fu Fighter
Yellow Set $1.99 Birdkin Neon Yellow Yellow
Quest Cepters
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High Delgos | Hypna | K'Putip | Kraniss | Lizgafren | Memen | Mori | Nighthawk | O'Lange |
Pamela | Princess Alicia | Ruliena | Somnia | Sych | Tenet | Terrormire | Yuma | Zalion |
Zeneth | Zonx
Quest and Game Characters
Cindy | City Person | Earl Guard | Gheppel | Mysterious Man | Nina | Shintomi Guard

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