What is Culdcept?

Culdcept (カルドセプト Karudoseputo) is a turn-based strategy video game. It has drawn comparisons to other modern strategy titles, and also shares features with non-video games Monopoly and Magic: The Gathering. In Culdcept, the player takes on the role of a Cepter. Cepters are beings that have the ability to use magical cards to summon creatures, cast spells, and perform various other feats of wizardry. As players advance through the game, they earn additional cards that they can use to create customized "books" (decks of 50 cards) with which to better defeat their foes. Although the game is relatively intricate, it slowly nurtures the player through basic game concepts. By acting as an arbiter and automatically enforcing the rules, game complexity is kept to manageable levels. After enough sessions, players should be able to figure out various strategies and be able to effectively practice deck optimization techniques. - Culdcept series overview from Wikipedia

Each game in the series has a unique story, and they're all pretty silly (in a good way). The basic gameplay is the same throughout the series. One huge strength of the Culdcept series is its exceptional balance - every card has a number of counters. Having played all of the games at length, I can say that I consider not a single card to be overpowered. It's remarkable.

Here's a summary:

Culdcept (Saturn) Culdcept Expansion (PS1) Culdcept Expansion Plus (PS1) Culdcept DS
Culdcept (Saturn, 1997) / Culdcept Expansion [Plus] (PS1, 1999, 2000) / Culdcept DS (2008)

The series originated on the Saturn. The PS1 versions feature some card revisions and some more maps. DS is an enhanced version with some extra cards, better game balance, online play and some great downloadable content. All were released only in Japan, though DS did get a great English fan translation.

Notable gameplay elements:
- A fairly short Story Mode (10 stages).
- Saturn/PS1 give no fort G bonuses.
- Creatures in Saturn/PS1 have 80 maximum ST and MHP on the map. 100 in DS.
- Cards for your collection are awarded at match end - more for winning.

Culdcept II (DC) Culdcept II (PS2) Culdcept (PS2) Culdcept 3DS
Culdcept II (DC, 2001) / Culdcept [II] (PS2, 2002, 2003) / Culdcept (3DS, 2012)

The first sequel in the series, the DC game was a huge leap forward. DC and PS2 are basically the same game. The 3DS game is an enhanced version that features improved visuals, additional cards, and some gameplay improvements. DC and 3DS feature online play, while the PS2 game doesn't. DC and 3DS were released only in Japan, while PS2 came out in Japan and North America.

Notable gameplay elements:
- (New) Multi-element land type (provides HP bonus to all creatures except Neutral).
- (New) Territory abilities for some creatures (these function somewhat like spells and can be used repeatedly).
- (New) Idols (Defensive creatures that possess a unique game-changing ability).
- (New) Item creatures (can be used by nearly every creature as an in-battle item, or used like a normal creature).
- Creatures in the DC/PS2 games have 80 maximum ST and MHP on the map. 100 in 3DS.
- A longer (and harder) Story Mode.
- Roughly 120 more cards than the first set of games.

Culdcept Saga [Japan] (360) Culdcept Saga [USA] (360)
Culdcept Saga (360, 2006, 2008)

The first "true" game in the series, Saga is 3D, but laid out exactly like the 2D games were. I'm still amazed at how well they rendered the 3D creatures from the 2D card artwork. Its gameplay additions make Saga a much more aggressive game. Saga also features awesome online play via Xbox Live. It came out in Japan and North America.

Notable gameplay elements:
- (New) Doublecast spell cards (can cast another spell immediately after).
- (New) Immediate creature ability (can use most Territory commands immediately after summoning).
- (New) Dual-element creatures (possessing all of the strengths and vulnerabilities of both elements).
- (New) Morphing lands (change to the element of the creature placed onto them).
- (New) Unlockable parts for your in-game avatar, and multiple different avatar types.
- Creatures have 100 maximum ST and MHP on the map.
- A very long - and even harder - Story Mode.
- Roughly the same number of cards as Culdcept II, but with a huge amount of new ones.

Culdcept Revolt [Japan] (3DS) Culdcept Revolt [USA] (3DS)
Culdcept Revolt (3DS, 2016, 2017)

OmiyaSoft felt that the learning curve was too steep, so they streamlined Revolt and made it more welcoming and less confusing. It features online play and was released in Japan and will be released in North America this summer.

Notable gameplay elements:
- (New) No more castles or forts - now you progress through gates and "lap" by passing the last gate.
- (New) Territory abilities are now Creature Spells and are used during the first phase of your turn.
- (New) Creatures now have a Stand/Down state, which significantly changes when and how you can use them.
- (New) Unyielding creature ability (summoned as Standing, rather than Down).
- (New) Synthesis card ability (when discarding the specified card type, gain an enhancement).
- (New) Your hand can hold up to 10 cards during your turn, and then discarded back down to 6 at the end of your turn (instead of discarding on card draw, as it was handled before)
- (New) Cards are now earned by purchasing packs with in-game currency.
- (New) Idols are gone, replaced with World-effect spells.
- Creatures have 100 maximum ST and MHP on the map.
- Doublecast spells, Immediate abilities and Dual-element creatures are gone.
- Incredible grind of a Story Mode, but also very rewarding.

This summary will always be evolving. If you have revisions, additions or suggestions for improvement, please let us know. Thanks!

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